End of August

As we debut this site with our first day of rating ever, it only seems appropriate that we are also closing out the month of August. Perhaps the logic in that only deserves a 4… on any note. The ratings for today…

CHAMPS: Headed to dinner tonight with Katie, Jesse and Tori to Champs at Southpoint. While the Buffalo Chicken sandwich I got definitely deserves an 8 (anything with grilled chicken and blue cheese is already starting at beyond a 5), the service was totally disappointing. I’m tempted to give it a 2, but am going to employ generosity of spirit here and give it a 3. Our server seemed totally out of it and took about 15 minutes to get Jesse his beer, and it seemed to take forever between filling up our drinks. Overall she just seemed super out of it, and while my serving experience usually causes me to be forgiving, when the restaurant isn’t busy and you’re still crap I’m forced to rate below a 5. The food was great though 🙂

Headed out after dinner to Franklin Street despite some serious exhaustion from the night before. Turned out to be worth it and here are just some of our ratings…
SERVICE: At Bub’s we were ignored for at least 15 minutes after arriving, despite only about 10 people in the bar. As a result the bartender earned a 3. I probably shouldn’t be smiling in the picture… live and learn.

So despite pretty bad service to start out with, at least they have an awesome juke box and some entertaining games. We ended up playing shuffleboard (?) which I’ve never played before but picked up pretty quickly.  You can kinda see that down here with my awesome 8 shot.  Still somehow lost though… weird how that works.

Overall I would say we rated Bub’s a 7, as you can see here.

The jukebox and games were AWESOME. The playlist we created of 15 solid songs definitely earned an 8.5 (although I think we might have assigned it a ten last night). To give some context, to at least three of the songs (including Peaches) had multiple people in the bar dancing and singing. Definitely some credit earned for that. However, not all the songs had that effect. If they had it would have been a definite 10. In my world it was a ten though…

We then headed to He’s Not Here, where we witnessed some serious brilliantness (if that’s not already a word it definitely needs to become one). First Paul slipped off a stair and nearly fell in the pretty muddy dirt. Not more than five minutes later while we were rating everything in sight, we witnessed someone else fall down the exact same step! Only difference is that he somehow managed to rescue his beer as he was falling! Clearly in our world that earns a 9 for bar falls. Only thing keeping him from a 10 is the fact that he didn’t actually manage to drink the beer while he was falling. However we talked it over with him after, and I think next time he might be able to rock out a 10.

Rating removed due to ethical conflicts.

Until tomorrow, we’re just living for the tens.



  1. You be the judge. Feel free to review the music and rate it yourselves. The playlist was:

    1) Cascada – Everytime we Touch
    2) Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket
    3) MIA – Paper Planes
    4) Modest Mouse – Float On
    5) Tom Petty – American Girl
    6) The Pixies – Where is My Mind
    7) Queen – We Are the Champions
    Mika – Grace Kelly
    9) Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches
    10) Radiohead – High and Dry
    11) Real McCoy – Another Night, Another Dream
    12) Paul Simon – Me and Julio
    13) Paul Simon – Cecilia
    14) Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
    15) Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher

    Personally, I thought the highlight of the playlist was “Total Eclipse…” on this particular evening. Also let it be noted that Janice’s dancing skills warranted at least an 8 for enthusiasm, style, and technique all while still managing to play ping pong.

    Comment by Paul — September 1, 2008 #

  2. Other notable ratings: 1) Although I do have to agree that the service was not great at Bub’s, there were people signing up for the $1.00 lifetime membership while we were there, so I’d give the bartender a 4.0. 2) The beer special was $1.00 retro cans (Schlitz, High Life, etc.), so the price was as close to a 10 as you can get, but for my palate the quality of said choices was closer to a 5 (yeah, i know..who doesn’t like to get “Schlitz-faced” for a dollar a pop but I do have to pay attention to my beer sensibilities) 3) The ping pong match we had went down to a tie break game, so the entertainment value was a 7.5–good rallies along with the fact that Janice’s backhand was starting to come along (some shots individually were 10s). 4) Also just wanted to again thank Andrew, Paula, and Tania (sp?) for being good sports and helping out with this experiment last night. Andrew, with the save you made last night, you could be Keanu’s stunt double in any upcoming “Matrix” sequels.

  3. at bub’s, if you’d looked to the far right of the bar you would’ve seen two signatures–one belongs to the guy tending bar. the other belongs to my boyfriend. 🙂

    also, the fancy locals call he’s not here “he’s not,” didn’t know if you knew. it’s kind of annoying until you understand, and then it’s like it’s a secret!

    I’ll see you soon, and now YOU have MY email!

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