I am woman, hear my scores

WEATHER: Probably an 8.5 day. If it were a little cooler we’d be approaching ten, as the sun is shining, the humidity isn’t too bad and it’s definitely a pool day.

ELMO’S DINER (in Carrboro): One of my favorites, as the prices are pretty decent and the menu has a ton of options, a lot of which are pretty healthy. After normally getting the omelette made with egg whites, spinach, feta and tomato I decided to mix it up and go with eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. Food Quality=9 for me, 8 for Drew. Overall satisfaction= 6. The waitress was really sweet but a little slow. The food was awesome, but I ate too much trying to prove to the waitress that I could actually eat everything I ordered (after she expressed some doubt) and this definitely knocked down overall satisfaction.

MURPHY’S BREATH (the Puggle pup): 2. It’s at the point where I’m avoiding him so I don’t have to smell it. I wonder what toothpaste would actually be strong enough to tackle it at this point…

BRINGING THE FANNY PACK BACK: 10. Check it out. I found one for only $25. I’m totally bringing it back.

POTENTIAL OF WORKING AT VERTICAL EDGE: 8. Absolutely pumped about the idea of picking up extra shifts at the climbing gym… would get to be around climbing/great climbers more often, teach technique classes, attend free technique/lead climbing classes, free climbing, pro-deals and more climbing all give it a ton of appeal. Only things keeping it from a 10 are low pay (which luckily isn’t a big deal since that’s not why I’m doing it) and possibly having some limits on weekend travel since I’d be picking up shifts. Overall=AWESOME.


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