2 hours and an enemy wall

MY MORNING ROUTINE: 1… long weekend caused me to oversleep by TWO HOURS. Meaning I missed my morning run with Murph AND drove to work instead of biked. I swore I wouldn’t let it become a habit for my car to be an easy back-up, so I’m gonna have to be more hardcore about going to sleep early and actually listening to my alarm.

RIDING A HARLEY WITH HEELS: 8. Would’ve earned a 10 if they were a little fancier because it would have made it even more hilarious and out of place. However the sheer skill needed to maneuver a motorcycle while wearing any sort of heels earns an 8. Plus the randomness made me smile 🙂

KNOT-A-LEASH: 8.5 This weekend I discovered an awesome leash made by Ruffwear. The rope reminds me of climbing rope, with a little more stretch and reflective material in it, perfect for late night walks. It’s a tiny bit longer than my training leash making it better for biking, has a soft handle, and even has a carabener on the end. Coming with it is ‘Knot-a-collar’, which is totally tied with two knots that allow it to stretch if the pup gets it caught on something. BRILLIANT. Would earn a 10 if they had more colors and was a little more affordable (leash is $24.95 and the collar is $9.95). Check it out here


(PHOTOS THAT SHOW UP SUPER BIG AND WON’T ADJUST IN SIZE: 4.  I kinda like the quality, but geez.  Seems a little excessive.  Plus, I like control, and this picture has taken it all away.  Clearly below a 5)

OFFICE BROWNIES: 9.5 Nothing makes the first day of a work week better than a sweet surprise in the office kitchen. Today I was tempted by the most delicious brownies ever, and was almost immediately grateful I gave in. Soft, chocolately with a creamy chocolate frosting. And homemade. Only thing keeping it from a 10 is the tiny bit of guilt that comes along with it…

THIS CLIMBING HOLD: 1. I’m being a jerk here because I’m sure it’s really a fine hold that ‘challenges your skill and finger strength’ however right now I hate it and we’re not speaking. So I give it a 1.

RICHARD’S CHALK EYEBROWS: 10. Purely for entertainment value.

LISA’S ABILITY TO CREATE A CHALK STORM BY INSISTING ON USING LOOSE CHALK: 10 for ability, 5 for annoyingness. Her smile makes up for some of it.

P.S. I’m still winning the auction for the fanny pack… keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Alright alright. I’m printing them today. Turns out I won’t be near a laminator on Thursday but Claud’s got the hook up and she’s gonna take care of it. Color recommendations?

  2. personally, I vote you do black ink on a variety of colors. you could do it like a stoplight (green is a ten, yellow is a five, red is a zero and then find the colors inbetween), or go in color order or whatever.

    if it were me? I’d make pink a ten and blue a 1, and fill in the gaps. plus, it would make them easier to identify “ooh, 7, that’s turquoise” or whatever.

    you could also do white paper but change the number colors.

  3. I am loving this idea. I give it an 8. Only thing keeping it from a 10 is the looks I predict getting from the other folks in the office as I get up every two minutes to change the color paper in the printer… Hard to be quite as discreet that way.

  4. This Climbing Hold: You rated it a 1?
    Think “Grace” and that hold will become at least an 8… and you will smile and say Ta-Da when you get down.

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