Pandora and Mexican Stew

MORNING: 6. WAY better than yesterday. Stayed in bed for 15 minutes past the alarm, but that’s only because Murphy was being so good and was so cute all comfy and cuddled up. But I did get up and take him for an hour walk which was good for both of us. PLUS, there was a crazy running man who looked so insane I waited for a good five minutes expecting for someone to be chasing him. No such luck. He was just crazy. Came back and biked to work, and by then was finally awake. Would like to rollerblade with him in the morning to get him a little more tired, and would love to be a little more purposeful on the bike. Then we’d be approaching a 10.

PANDORA: 7. If you don’t know what it is you seriously need to check it out. Called the ‘Music Genome Project’ you give it the name of an artist, it breaks it down by sound, instruments, tempo, etc. and creates a radio station of a whole bunch of other artists you’ll also probably like. I listened to my David Gray station all day today while working and it kept me focused, and introduced me to tons of new great music. Only downsides… 1) sometimes it makes mistakes and puts on stuff I’m not into (although not very often) 2) it occasionally freezes up and interrupts your music mid-song 3) you can’t predict what’s coming on next, which is really only bad when you’re playing it in an 8th grade classroom and all of a sudden an extremely sexual song plays over your classroom speakers and 4) you can’t repeat a song if you like it. Other than that, it totally rocks!

BIKE RIDE HOME: 10! Today’s bike ride home was incredible. While I normally enjoy transitioning from being in the office all day to spending 40 minutes on a bike, something about today was just a notch better. It might have been the beautiful, sunny, 87 (I’m guessing) degree weather, or that Green River Ordinance came on the iPod right as I hopped on the bike, but either way a definite 10. Took this picture while biking, and thought about holding the number with my hand but worried that a 10 would quickly turn into a 1 if I took both hands off the bike. Until tomorrow, I’m totally living on the high of that 10.

FACT THAT I SAW ONLY 5 OTHER PEOPLE ON THE TRAIL: 2. How sad. Only reason it even earned a 2 is because it meant I got to sing really loud along with my iPod and not worry about any unexpected duets.

THE THREE MONTH LACK OF A PAYCHECK WHEN STARTING A NEW JOB: 0. Seriously can’t come up with a single good thing about this. Teaches me to better save my money? Okay, I’ll give it a .5.

TORRERO’S: 7 overall. Service was pretty dec and the chips and queso were INCREDIBLE. However, there was no white dip quite like Tolteca. A little bit of a weird (not necessarily bad, just weird) taste to the Mexican chicken ‘stew’ I got, but it actually made me want to go back as I still hadn’t figured out what it was by the end of the meal… the presentation of the meals was also pretty impressive. The fact that it left me totally stuffed and lethargic definitely took some points off though. Not sure if that’s on them or me… Here’s scores for presentation, and for my ability to stuff my face (as awarded by Jon).

UNIQUE CONVERSATION WITH GREAT COMPANY ON A ‘SCHOOL NIGHT’: 8.5. Nothing beats thought provoking conversation with smart people who don’t accept everything you say and are willing to push back and provide new insight. Lucky enough to have several of those tonight. Not much keeping it from a 10… just a little gray.

Does it take away from the genuineness of a feeling, conversation or otherwise intangible thing when I attach a numerical rating to it? Still struggling with that one…



  1. Carrie- what would help me make the decision to switch to would be if you had included a rating. As a result I rate your comment about a 4 🙂

  2. ha!

    okay, okay. so, pandora gets a 5 in my book–it’s a neat service but like you said, unpredictable and you can’t repeat. plus, I like a lot of different artists, and I can never remember what names I’ve added and who I’m forgotten.

    so, with that in mind, musicovery gets a 7.5. I like how it looks on the screen better and I like that I don’t have to remember artist names, plus the predictability and all… It might’ve done better, but today it’s freezing up my computer and I can’t use it (not that I often use it at work anyway) so that took the rating down a notch.

  3. not sure about ya’ll, but i’m giving an 8 because you can pick your music and make a playlist that rocks out. you do have to know band names and/or full song titles, but it’s free and allows me load up a lot of stuff i like without interruptions.

    but pandora’s good too. i give it a 6 cause it learns and adds stuff i kinda do like. but it doesn’t get high marks cause it repeats after a while…

  4. So, this wasn’t that hard to find. In fact, I didn’t even have to look for it. It popped up in my gmail messenger contacts.

    I think 8.5 is a stellar rating. Bravo! I wonder what “a little gray” means…

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