Hurrican Hanna charges toward NC

OVERBUMPERSTICKERED CARS: 5. I’m almost completely conflicted about this one. There’s part of me that 1) loves the stickers (the ones on this car atleast) 2) feels like I get to know the driver just by looking at their car and 3) like the ability to use your car as a moving advertisement for what you believe. There’s another part of me that can’t help but think it’s tacky. So I’m leaving it at a 5.

HOOPS & YOYO: 8.5. I love all e-cards to be completely honest. There’s nothing that makes my day like getting a hilarious e-card in my inbox along with all the mail that’s asking me to do things. And NOTHING beats Hoops & YoYo. For every occasion, from birthdays to Sarcastic Wednesday and Spastic Colon Sunday these two will make you laugh out loud when sitting at your computer. Only downside is that the laughing is usually a dead give away to those sitting around you that you might not be doing work… Send one here

SMILING HEARTS AT RANDOM MOMENTS: 9.  Today while I was working my heart smiled for a solid 30 seconds (and for something that normally only lasts a moment, that’s pretty significant).  I have no idea why, which is the only thing keeping it from a 10, but it’s definitely good to know that enough’s going right with life for that to happen 🙂

PATIENCE WITH THE ROPES: 9 (as awarded by Richard). GRACE: 4, as you can see below after my horribly miserable climb. That’s what happens when you spend too much time bouldering, which I would give a 5.5. Ripped my hands open and only finished one route. But met some cool climbers while doing it, which might boost the rating to a 6.

RICHARD’S POOR BEHAVIOR ON THE WALL: 2. Richard, you gotta get over that bad habit of showing off without ropes. We’re only giving you a 2 because we love you.



  1. and I quote

    Greg: I was excited that I got a mention [in Janice’s blog]
    me: haha
    Greg: she may just be innundated with baked goods so I can keep getting mentioned…is that vain?

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