Here in Your Arms

WAKING UP TO THE MOST PERFECT SONG EVER: 10.  This doesn’t happen very often.  In fact, I can only think of one time in the past couple of years where it has happened.  The best part was it wasn’t even a song I’d heard before, but it had just started when my alarm went off, and it turned out to be the most incredible song ever.  And perfect for actually waking up at 6 in the morning.  Feel free to press play and enjoy while reading the rest of my ratings 🙂

TODAY’S ROLLERBLADE: 3.5. So while I normally struggle to stay upright while rollerblading with Murphy, today was especially difficult. The road is all cracked up, and after the ‘hurricane’ the roads were wet AND there were branches and seeds all over. I find it super difficult to believe that I didn’t wipe out. But that’s probably because I was moving so slow that passing cars probably couldn’t tell I was moving at all. I biked to Lisa’s instead of the Tobacco Trail, and then talked her into driving me home… Which was absolutely an 8.5 in my book.

OLD DUDE ROCKING OUT IN HIS VW CONVERTIBLE: 2. Now before you get upset about this rating, let me explain. I have nothing against old people. Or VW convertibles. And especially not against people rocking out in their cars. In fact, normally that would earn a really high rating. But this guy was creepy. Like really creepy. At first I almost thought about calling someone because I worried he was having a seizure while driving. Apparently that’s how he sings along to his music… And before you get on my case about not having a card in this picture, I felt like it would make taking the picture even more dangerous. The picture, however, earns an 8.

LISA’S PARALLEL PARKING: 2. We made it sorta close to the space. But were about 3 feet from the curb. And that was after 15 tries. If it weren’t so dark out I would have a picture to prove it.

JON’S BEER CHEESE DIP: 6.5. It was good. I would probably request it again at some point. I might even recommend it again, but only if my mom’s wasn’t around. I was lucky enough to grow up with some of the finest home made beer cheese dip ever, so this was a tough battle to begin with. And all beer cheese dip reminds me of vomit so that automatically takes off points. It’s a wonder I still insist on eating it. Reminds me of the turkey lunch they used to serve in elementary school where the lime green gravy reminded me of snot. But we all kept eating it…

I just realized that today’s ratings were pretty low. Interesting. I was just commenting yesterday that all my ratings seemed to be pretty high, and was wondering if that’s because my days are really that great or I just tend to remember only the good things. Today didn’t feel like a bad day…

Until tomorrow, just living for the tens 🙂


One comment

  1. I could have sworn it was a 7 when you left the party. What happened between last night and this morning that made me lose 0.5? Hmmm?

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