Merry Christmas :)

THE GUY IN THE RED SHIRT: 8.5. Nothing makes me laugh quite as much as watching HelloGoodbye music videos on YouTube. This one in particular. Not only is the music good, but if you watch only the guy in the red shirt I guarantee some good times. Never gets old.

BETTER’N PEANUT BUTTER: 2. Turns out it’s actually NOT better than Peanut Butter. However when I was grocery shopping and discovered it I would rate my excitement at about an 8. Peanut Butter might be the biggest obstacle to staying healthy with what I eat. I’m so in love, but it’s impossible to find one that’s low in fat. So when I saw this with only 2 grams of fat I was shocked. And thrilled. That is until I brought it home and tried it. Then I was disappointed, sad, a little bit disgusted and frustrated that I spent 5 bucks on it. This does NOT come highly recommended.

MURPHY AFTER A LONG WALK/RUN/ROLLERBLADE: 9.5. As you look at these adorable pictures of Murph I want you to picture a bedroom full of torn up paper, toilet paper, and a collar. Because that’s what Murph is like WITHOUT any exercise. And really, that contrast is what makes what you see below super close to a 10. The only thing that I can think of that’s keeping it from a 10 is the recent accusation that I’ve overrating my life. “It can’t actually be good enough to have that many tens”. Not sure how I feel about the idea that tens should only be saved for super rare/insanely incredible experiences. In fact, I’m pretty sure I want to live a life that has tens daily, even if it is just an exhausted puppy.

COLOR CODED RATING CARDS: 6.5. Took Carrie’s advice and went with the colors. 10 and 9 are green, 8,7,6 are yellow, 5,4,3, are orange and 2,1, and 0 are red. Plus the numbers are thick and black so should show up better in pictures (see below). And 6 numbers fit on a page which means, I have five sets to give away! Let me know if you want one. First five win! I’ll even mail them to you if you’re not lucky enough to be local šŸ™‚

CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN SEPTEMBER: 8. There’s something about it that immediately takes me to a peaceful place. And now that it’s old records I got from my Dad it’s even better. Only downsides are that each side plays for about 15 minutes before I have to get up and switch it. And it gets me really excited for Christmas and then I realize I have about 4 months to wait. Or 4 months to celebrate… all depends on how you look at it šŸ™‚

SWEET POTATOES: 7. They can take a mixture of otherwise pretty boring veggies and turn them into a meal. Like this beautiful creation below created by yours truly. Takes about 10 minutes from cutting up veggies to cooking them, and is filling and delicious. But without the sweet potatoes it would just be veggies.

Until tomorrow, looking for the tens… even the really small ones.



  1. yay for the numbers!!!

    and if it’s cool with you for me to use them to rate “green” things I would l-o-v-e a set. šŸ™‚

    and you know what? tens aren’t bad. tens mean you’re living life to the fullest. if you wait for every ten to be a mind blowing experience or some kind of record-setter? you’re never gonna get one, and if you never can achieve a ten then what’s the point of having one?!?

    while reading i’ve thought that a ten minute “this is the best it could’ve possibly been.” and of course, after that phrase is a bit of an understood “, considering.” because otherwise that ten will be as elusive as perfection, your rating system is flawed because you can’t get to the top of the scale. so, that’s my two cents!

    what all is in your veggie recipe, hmm? please do share. I see onions, zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes and maybe carrots…what else?

  2. Loved your thoughts on the tens and couldn’t agree more šŸ™‚ I think I’m gonna go with tens being ‘the best that possible experience/thing could have been’.

    As for the recipe, you were right on until you hit carrots… none of those involved. Throw in some chicken and seasoning and you’re good to go.

    A set is yours. You’ll have them on Tuesday.

  3. i like the look of them thar cards. i haven’t seen them or gotten my grubby paws on ’em, but i’m gonna give ’em a 7.5 already just for the use of color and overall aesthetics. also like the fact that there are different fonts/styles.

  4. For starters you could rate it based on appearance. Or predicted deliciousness. Or the hotness of the chef. Any of the above will do. And if they’re above an 8 dinners on me. Does that cross some ethical lines?

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