Expect More, Pay Less

KODAK EASY-SHARE DIGITAL CAMERA: 4.  Starting with this one because it’ll explain the lack of pictures this evening.  So I headed to Target last week to pick up a new camera and ended up with this one.  The guy helping me was less than helpful.  He told me that ‘Easy Share’ meant there was a wireless card in the camera and I could just e-mail my pictures to my computer.  Which clearly would make blogging infinitely easier.  I guess the jokes on me because I actually believed the guy.  Needless to say it didn’t e-mail pictures, and the flash washed out every picture I tried to take.  Replaced it tonight with a Fujifilm camera, which clearly I’ll rate in a couple days when I’ve had a chance to try it out.

TARGET: 6.  Tonights service while swapping cameras was disappointingly slow and unprofessional, but they asked no questions before easily swapping cameras, and didn’t even seem to notice that the box had holes all over it from when Murph found it on the floor.  Pretty pleased with that.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: 7.5.  Two weeks ago we headed to the Raleigh Art Museum where they show outdoor movies during the summer.  They were playing ‘Across the Universe’ which I had never heard of but Claudia suggested it and it was a beautiful night so decided to give it a try.  While at times a bit trippy, the music was INCREDIBLE.  It’s all Beatles music sung by the main characters in the musical of a movie.  I immediately downloaded the soundtrack and have been playing it non-stop ever since.  While I did enjoy the movie, I think the 7.5 applies more to the soundtrack than anything else.

JANICE DICKINSON: 3.  Why is it that the two Janice’s that are famous are Janice Dickinson and Janice from Friends?  So we’ve got a crazy ex-supermodel (who for some reason still thinks she’s a supermodel) and the most annoying woman ever.  Saw her reality show tonight for a hot second and couldn’t handle it.  However, I almost want to rate this a 4 because one of the male models was wearing a shirt that says “I Love Janice”.

MICROWAVABLE GRITS: 5.  I’m loving several things about them right now.  They’re super easy and super cheap (which is definitely necessary right now considering I STILL haven’t seen a paycheck).  However, it’s all I’ve eaten for lunch since I started my new job so today I really started to get bored. I put off lunch until 2 because I just couldn’t bring myself to make the grits.  I need another easy cheap solution… don’t think bologna will work anymore like it did back in college.

‘I CLIMB LIKE A GIRL’ T-SHIRT: 7.  Totally want/need one.  Just wish the font was a little easier to read and they offered more options than just black and white.  But it’s still badass.



  1. Why don’t you go to Costco?? Cheap, pretty good selection, I have found the people pretty knowledgable, AND they will take back electonic returns forever, no questions. Sorry the first one didn’t work out!

  2. I say go to circuit city if you want to check out the camera in person. They also will take back electronics forever, no questions, and they will have a wider selection. Based on my experiences, I think that circuit city gets a 9. (unless it’s the day after thanksgiving, and then they get a 2.5!)

    also, if you take this camera back you want a canon. trust me. flashes don’t wash people out, you can get models that run on good ol’ rechargeable double As and they take fantastic pictures. I don’t know if you have seen my photography website (http://carrie-r-richardson-photography.blogspot.com/) but EVERY picture on there? taken with a canon! Canons get a 9.5 in my book, and that .5 is only off because I find their manuals confusing.

    and janice dickinson is gross. you need to become famous and make people forget about the other janices! and I feel ya–the other famous people with my name are the chick in the stephen king movie and the former presidential candidate who spells it wrong. plus, it sounds like a verb!

  3. I hate that you had a bad Target experience! It may be because it was not a SuperTarget, which gets a solid 8 in my book in all areas. Not to mention on my last visit they had the gum I couldn’t find anywhere (Trident Cinnamon Tingle = 9), LashBlast mascara which will make your eyelashes a 9! AND I got a Jamba Juice on the way out, and a smoothie from Jamba Juice is always a 10…

    I have to agree with Carrie (who cracks me up with her comments!) and say that my Cannon camera takes great pics and I would give it a 9, I am taking a point off because mine has kinda slow shutter speed but obviously you get what you pay for. May I also suggest looking for a camera at buy.com? That site is a 9 all the way….good prices and user reviews!

    I do not think the words microwavable and grits should ever go together. Yuck. The phrase “microwavable grits” gets a 0 in my book : )

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