Swan on Water

SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE: 9.  I remember when I was living in Prague I constantly felt like there was a soundtrack to my life.  Anytime I was walking around there would be street musicians everywhere, and I was sure to always give them money to ensure they continued with my soundtrack.  When I’m biking and listening to music I get a similiar effect, and realized today that movie scores (not songs, but actual orchestra scores) are the best workout music ever.  You stop thinking about the music and just suddenly feel more motivated, and like you’re accomplishing something worthy of a soundtrack.  Even if it is just a bike ride or a run on the treadmill.  I recommend trying it.  Some favorites include August Rush (also a GREAT movie) and any Epcot music.  You can sample August Rush here…


SUNSHINE COMMITTEE: 8.  Everyone should have one. The sole purpose is to bring sunshine to the office.  I would love to include the activities that make this an 8, however it’s top secret and some people I work with might be reading this… I can tell you that ‘Pass the Spam’ starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.

MY ‘CUBICLE’: 5.  While not really a cubicle since there aren’t any sides to it, that’s actually a plus.  I like people way too much and would probably feel pretty isolated if I had to sit all alone. Courtney, however, might be thankful if there were a wall in between us so I’d stop making her take her headphones out and talk to me.  She secretly loves it.  Would love some more color, and need some more updated pics of the kids.  These are from when they were in 5th grade, and I only have them because Kim, who works on the other side, happened to teach my  kids when they were little ones.  Working on getting some more.  You’ll notice on either side there are two desks.  These have been turned into our official ‘conference rooms’ where we hold ‘very important meetings’.  Definitely another plus.  Any advice, however, on how to bring some sunshine to my desk would be much appreciated.  

TODAY’S RIDE HOME: 2.  I seriously questioned today how that ride last week could have earned a 10.  Is it possible to get more out of shape the more you work out?  Cause today certainly felt like it.  I even turned on Green River Ordinance halfway hoping it would give me the kick I needed.  No luck.  The ride was a bitch. 

CARRIE’S NEW RATING CARDS: 10!  As scored by her.  She got her pick of fonts and clearly loved them 🙂  What else can I say?

GREG AND CLAUDIA SPENDING MORE TIME TALKING THAN CLIMBING: 3.  I mean, Greg’s great conversation and everything, but really Claudia.  I’m disappointed. 


OUR CLIMBING NAMES AS RATED BY CARRIE: Mine, ‘Swan on Water’ earned a 7.  Tom’s, ‘Bull on the Loose’ earned a 6.  Yup.  I win 🙂  You’ll have to ask Carrie for more details about what actually earned the victory.

TOM’S ABILITY TO TAKE A PICTURE: 3.5.  These are the 3rd and 4th pictures we took.  After each one he insisted on checking it out and then taking another one.  And his number’s sideways.  In all of them.  Well done Bull.  




Night everyone.



  1. While I totally appreciate the high marks (really, I do 🙂 perhaps you need to revisit the ‘About’ section to familiarize yourself with the rules of the rating system… we’ll work on it on Sunday.

  2. your name made me giggle. bull on the loose was good, but I just couldn’t “see” it. and I love that his number is sideways! that gets an 8.

    August Rush is a TEN. I love love love that movie. Another movie with a good soundtrack is Dan In Real Life. (and it’s a good movie, too!) For workout purposes I think it would get a 5 for cardio because it’s slower, but an 8 for bike rides or another more leisurely, outdoor-appreciation-type activity.

    for your office:
    -some more magnets?
    -a colorful coaster or three?
    -some fake flowers in a colored vase? I’m imagining yellow flowers in a blue vase, but that’s up to you.
    -colored file folders? staples has some that are 100% recycled, and there are greenroom eco ones at target.
    -also, a bright reusable water bottle would perk things up too–and mother earth would thank you, too. 🙂 reusable water bottles get a 10 in my book, no matter what color, shape or size they are!
    -what about a colorful calendar? maybe of earthy scenes?
    -put some colored paper borders behind the photos to set them off and act as frames, AND not ruin the photos by punching little holes in them?

  3. Carrie you’re my hero. I rate your suggestions an 8.5. I’m going to start working on them IMMEDIATELY. I’ll plan to purchase some coasters and construction paper first thing, and perhaps will collect more fun magnets over time. I also have this nice little ledge right at eye level. Trying to think of something creative to go there…

  4. 1. are you familiar with morgan imports in durham? they have cool stuff.
    2. I have a coaster or two I would be happy to give you, if you’d like. (and if not, no worries, more for me!) It says “smart women crave good company.” If you want more of them you can also buy them here http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-20729221607892_2011_4982294
    3. I also have an overwhelming amount of magnets and would be happy to share some of those as well. That might take a little longer since I don’t know where a lot of them are…

  5. I distinctly remember that greg and I were talking about our future climbing trip to the New River Gorge. Doesn’t that bring me back a little? Maybe up to a 4? Plus he gave me homemade bread. (6.5… it was cold)

    ps… love that i can read the new cards. lamination might be a mistake…

  6. Janice! i just want to say that i love your blog and your gusto for life. it is very inspiring and you make me want to enjoy the begeezes out of a lot more of it! so thanks! heather (from climbing)

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