Caffeine and Cracks

CAFFEINE: 3. So while last week Diet Sunkist earned a pretty high rating if I do recall, I’ve recently discovered the evils of it. At work yesterday I drank two of them and had a cup of coffee, and that combined with not enough food made me seriously miserable. Couldn’t really pinpoint why I was so miserable until I stayed away from the caffeine today, and had a MUCH better day. Oh the dramas of office life…

CRACK CLIMBING: 7. The high of my second 5.10 ever earns a 10. Almost losing a finger in the crack my first time up is definitely worth a -3.

STEEP AND CHEAP: 6. This website is incredible at first glance. They sell mostly outdoor gear one item at a time, severely discounted. They sell it until it’s gone and then they put up a new item. Sounds great, right? Totally. Unless you’re a sucker for bargains, tend to give in to impulse buys, and have no self control. Then it’s a living hell. In fact, they even offer a downloadable ticker for the bottom of your Firefox browser so you can see the current deal and easily click to purchase. Perfect for torturing you all day while you’re trying to work and stick to a strict budget. But when it comes down to it, it’s still a good thing 🙂

NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY HEAD BOB: 9. Highest rating of the day. SO classic and never overused. Just saw it on a Diet Pepsi Max commercial being done by some dude with a wicked combover. Really, no one can mess it up. As if techno music could get any better, it does when it involves the head bob. Only downside… slight headache if done for too long.

MY ABILITY TO ACTUALLY USE MY NEWLY CREATED NUMBERS: 1. Room for improvement tomorrow. I keep forgetting to either 1) bring them with me or 2) actually whip them out and use them. Clearly I need a carabener to clip them onto my purse so it’s impossible to forget.

THE MOVEMENT SPREADING: 6. Carrie has already put her set to good use. Have only appeared once in proper use so far, so the score has room to grow. But I must say I’m excited 🙂



  1. I’d have to disagree about the rating for the head bob, no one does it as good as Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan, and maybe Jim Carey.( The movie itself gets a 9. My favorite part of that movie, is when Will Ferrell’s in the bedroom with that girl and he starts making siren noises, then says “that’s the sound of ambulence coming to take me away, cuz you stole my heart.” That scene alone gets an 8.

    I have an idea for you to never forget your numbers… You usually always have your cell phone right? If you have a camera on your cells phone, take a picture of each number then keep the pictures in your phone at all times, when you need to do a rating bring the pic up on your phone and voila!

    Good job on the crack climb, is that at TRC? Doesn’t look familiar.

  2. Diet Sunkist earns at least an 8 in my book as far as sodas go. It has an enjoyable orange favor and just enough carbonation to fool you into thinking you are drinking a regular soda. Your problem is no so much the caffeine, it is the lack of snacks. Take it from someone who has been living office life for awhile now AND who is the office snack shop.

    Here are the snack rules to live by: something salty, something sweet and something to suck on. Currently I have pretzel rods (a solid 9, only down a point because they are not covered in chocolate), peanut butter m&m’s (a 9 only because nothing beats the dark chocolate ones!) and lifesaver mints (a 10 because they are convenient, yummy and loved by all). Now obviously you need to find what works for you and your office…I mention the office because believe me, the mooches that come and steal all of the snacks that you buy, store and share still will have the balls to complain and put in their 2 cents about what they want! I have already had requests for Skittles but obviously candy corn and candy pumpkins will be next in line for the sweet container (both rate a 8 because while I LOVE them, you reach the point of nausea after only a few handfuls…boo!)

    Everyone loving you cause you have snacks = 10!

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