Oscar is Sometimes My Hero

THE RED LIGHT ON THE TOP OF MY PHONE: 2. I can’t seem to figure out how to check my messages… which means the red light will never go off. This is fine with me, and honestly I would rate it a 5. Couldn’t care less. However, I think it’s driving Courtney nuts. And I don’t like to drive anyone nuts. So I’m taking off some points for that  And for the fact that I can’t actually get any important messages people might leave me…

PETER PAN CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER: 8. Had to recover from the horrible peanut butter experience I had last week. So clearly that meant going to the store and replacing it with the good stuff so I could erase all memory of ‘Better’n Peanut Butter’. Doesn’t take much more than some Peter Pan to do the trick. Perhaps it had half the fat it would earn a 10 cause it would mean I could eat more of it.

SPRINT: 3. I HATE THEM. My phone bills every month are more than they should be, and every month I have to call them and wait on the phone forever, and explain AGAIN why they overcharged me. I hate whining about little stuff like this, but honestly Sprint, I think you’re breaking our contract and should let me out for free. What I wouldn’t do for an iPhone right about now. Did I just admit that out loud?

MURPHY’S PITIFUL FACE WHEN I GET HOME: 8. Whenever I get home he follows me around, then sits down in front of me and just waits. He thinks if he sits something good’s gonna happen because when I first started training him that was the first trick he learned. He would sit and I’d give him a treat. While still super cute, unfortunately it doesn’t work quite like that anymore buddy…

OSCAR: 7. Haven’t I rated him already? I can’t imagine he’s slipped through the cracks considering how much he’s taken over my life the past 2 months. Every Sunday we battle him, talk shit to him, hate him and love him all in one. The most frustratingly satisfying route at the Chapel Hill Community Center, I give him a 7 because he feels awesome when you’re at the top, but it takes an average of three weeks to get there.   Plus, he’s named after the cutest little 5 year-old climber you’ve ever seen. Total rockstar.

No tens today, but I feel hopeful for tomorrow 🙂 You need days like today to more truly appreciate the tens.



  1. Did anyone else notice the discrepancy between the phone picture # and the stated rating? Consistency – 3… an average of the 2 and the 4 🙂

  2. i think oscar is actually like a 4–only because i haven’t been able to actually complete that route. he treats some people well and others not so much, and i’m in the latter group. one day, oscar will be a 7, but today is not that day…

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