High School Love and Camping Out

So I had a total teacher moment on the ride to work today.  At one point on the trail I pass right by the parking lot of Hillside High, a local high school here in Durham.  So in the mornings if I leave early enough I often bike by a lot of high school students.  The first two ratings of the day come from my trip.

SAGGY PANTS: 3.  So when I passed this kid with his pants almost around his knees I had an almost uncontrollable instinct to tell him to pull them up.  Comes from having to say this WAY too may times a day while teaching, and now I feel like an old person.  I remember when adults used to say that to all my friends in high school, and now I’m the person saying it (or at least thinking it).  So the three is for 1) the look (which really isn’t all that great) and 2) the way my thoughts on it make me feel old.

HIGH SCHOOL LOVE: 6.5.  Remember when you were in middle/high school and holding hands and kissing was a big deal?  When boys wore so much cologne you couldn’t get within 5 feet of them but somehow it was really attractive?  When you thought you knew what love was and sat around all night with your girlfriends talking about it?  Was reminded of it when I saw an adorable couple walking to school (and smelled the boy for the next two blocks) and couldn’t help but reminisce.  While sweet and innocent and fun to look back on, they looked so nervous I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

9. That’s all I have to say.

CHECKS AT THE MEXICAN RESTAURANT: 2.  So while Tom is consistently receiving paychecks, they managed to leave his beers off the check while the poor girl sitting next to him got charged for the coffee they didn’t even have!  Nothing major, but somehow my check literally ended up being TWICE his.  So their ability to split checks earns a 2.

GAS CRISIS: 3.  So how did I miss the news flash?  All of a sudden at the gym tonight Jorge told me gas was going to go up by atleast a DOLLAR in the next day.  So when on our way home we passed a gas station that was only charging $3.79 I decided to go grab my car and fill up.  By the time I got there they were completely sold out of regular.  So then I headed to another station that was $.20 more expensive and they were out too!  WTF?!  This clearly earns a 3.  Why a 3?  All this gas crisis stuff is actually pretty good for us… we’re all being more aware of how much we spend on gas, and I’ll probably bike most places this weekend to make sure I don’t have to fill up.  Which is probably a good thing in the long run.

Headed to bed now so I can meet Richard at 6:30am to camp out for the REI yard sale.  And he’s bringing his camping stove so we can cook breakfast in the parking lot.  This plan earns a 9.  Clearly.


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  1. I thought of you on my way to class this morning. You and the most heinous picture of boxers and baggy jeans. and the dude was smoking and drinking an energy drink. yikes.

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