Well, today was the big day.  Actually, the first of two big days.  It is REI Yard Sale season and today was Durham’s.  Next weekend there’s another one (which I’ll give the location to after it’s over… can’t afford any additional competition for front of the line).  Basically, REI takes back everything, so they hold yard sales twice a year where they sell all of it for great prices.  So for all of us poor folks who love REI but can’t really afford to buy what we want on a regular basis, this is IDEAL.  It also means there’s a lot of competition for the items.  They start handing out numbers at 8am, and they take in 25 people at a time.  So we got there at 6:30 this morning to camp out and get good numbers.  Richard and I ended up with 6 and 11, so we were the first group in.  Several ratings to go along with this mornings camp out/shopping.  


BREAKFAST BURRITOS MADE IN THE PARKING LOT OF REI: 8.  DELICIOUS.  A little hard to eat because they fell out all over the place, but considering it was that or donut holes that someone brought it was INCREDIBLE.  Thanks Richard 🙂


MORNING CROWD AT REI: 6.  There were definitely a lot of people there, but it wasn’t bad at all.  When we arrived there were about 6 people there, and someone had started a list which meant we could kinda just chill out.  Richard brought chairs and I brought reading material (‘Fight Club’ for me, last month’s Cosmo for him 🙂 so the time passed quickly.  Totally worth it.


ACTUAL YARD SALE: 6.5.  Can’t go wrong with cheap stuff, but overall I was a little disappointed.  I’ve heard so much about this yard sale that I guess my expectations were a bit unrealistic.  I was also going in with a pretty specific wish list considering I don’t have a lot to spend.  Some people go in and get everything they think they might need cause you won’t find any of it that cheap the rest of the year.  I, however, left pretty happily with a new pair of climbing shoes for $29, a Camelbak backpack for biking to work for $4 and a bike rack that Lisa wanted.  Overall can’t complain.  Excited for next week’s to see if I can get my hands on a Mountain Hardware fleece and new chalk bag. 


RICHARD’S SLEEPING PAD: 8.  He went in wanting a sleeping pad and found one for only twenty bucks.  Not bad at all.  His trial run in the middle of REI went well so it was definitely a keeper.  



  1. RICHARD’S SLEEPING PAD: Yes it is a solid 8. When I got home I was testing it in my living room to make sure it did not leak… and woke up 1 1/2 hours later. Sorry the Breakfast Burritos were so messy, but they were good!

  2. so, how would you rank watching your blackberry turn to shrapnel in your rearview mirror on the Beltline at speeds that could only be called, excessive?

  3. I would rate it a 4. Points taken off for dangerous speeds and the clear misfortune of losing a phone. However, points are earned for what was probably a pretty good time, as well as the fact that this is probably the gods sending you a clear message that no one should have a blackberry to begin with…

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