Rating a Rating

MY DECISION TO RATE A RIDE HOME: 3.  That’s right.  I just went there.  Rating a rating is uncharted territory, but something I feel like needs to happen.  Because ever since I rated that bike ride home a 10 last week (or was it the week before?) the trip has only been downhill.  I’m sure it’s mental, but I’ve tried tons of different music and still hasn’t hit above a 6 since.  Any advice on how to beat this would be much appreciated, because while techno is helping I’m not sure it’s gonna be enough when we hit winter time.

MURPH’S STAMINA: 4.  I’m happy for him, really, that he’s getting into better shape.  One of my goals in getting a dog was to have a built in hiking buddy, and last summer I even suggested taking him as a tiny puppy up Borestone Mt. (which my family immediately laughed at so it never actually happened).  However, now that I’m finished teaching and spend a lot of my free time working him out, his stamina has skyrocketed.  I can take him for a run in the morning, a bike ride after work, and then another walk before bed, and he’s STILL tearing things up left and right.  I almost feel like it’s worse than before.  Last night he hit an all time low.  Tore up ANOTHER roll of toilet paper (seriously, the 4th one in the past week… you’d think I’d learn and I really am trying to keep them out of his reach, but somehow he keeps getting into them), dug some flowers out of the trash can and left them all over my bedroom, and then the worst part.  Somehow he got his mouth on a small lightbulb (must have fallen down from a shelf in storage) and decided it was his new favorite chew toy.  Didn’t realize it until it was too late (and thank god he didn’t hurt himself), and found it all over the floor of my bedroom.  After much cleaning and vacuuming I thought I had it all.  Until I went to crawl into bed, with the lights already off, and realized he must have started with it on the bed.  Because I had just laid down on top of a pile of shattered glass.  For sure the worst end to a day ever.

So while the outcomes of his increased stamina are pretty damaging at this point, I blame a lot of it on myself.  Clearly this just means he needs more exercise (where I’ll find the time I have no idea), and I need to keep the apartment cleaner.

MY ABILITY TO ESTIMATE PORTION SIZES: 6.   Yet another night of excessive amounts of vegetables.  You’d think after cooking the same dish over and over again I’d get an idea as to how many vegetables makes a portion.  But clearly that is not the case as I’m pretty sure I prepared three meals worth of food tonight.  While tempted to rate this low, I actually think it’s a good thing as it’s super easy to refrigerate and have tomorrow’s dinner already ready to go.  Except when I forget about it…

TINA FEY AS SARAH PALIN: 10.  I really can’t imagine how her Palin could be any better.  They look and sound identical, and hers is just as entertaining (for different reasons, obviously).  Best impersonation ever.



  1. I read somewhere that if you are exercising your pet plenty and he or she is still destructive, your pet mat just need some good ol’ cuddling. It may be that he just needs some attention from his mom that doesn’t involve sweating? I dunno. But if I sit and pet my cat Hazel for a while I can tell a BIG difference in her behavior the rest of the day.

    and I’m bad about forgetting leftovers, too. fortunately matt NEVER EVER EVER lets them go to waste. 🙂

  2. So the rating the rating poses an interesting question… does this mean that the next time we go climbing you’ll probably be disappointed? I’m just sayin, I don’t want that to happen.

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