Lover’s Leap

KIM’S FIRST TIME ON THE WALL: 10.  So excited I finally got someone from work to j-up at the climbing gym.  Kim used to be my Program Director, and now sits at the desk next to me in the office.  Not only was it awesome to see her on the wall, but also awesome hanging out with her outside the work context.  Plus, she totally rocked out.  Made it to the top every time, and her technique is that of a natural (and what you can barely tell by the picture on the left is that she was totally surrounded by other climbers… it was pretty much bumper climbing and she still came out on top!).  Glad she loved it so hopefully we’ll get more people from the office there!

BRIXX PIZZA: 7.  Awesome discovery tonight.  We headed to the one at Brier Creek after climbing, and I was super impressed by several things.  1) The menu had a ton of interesting pizza toppings, including one called California Vegetable with every vegetable you can imagine as well as avocado spread (anything with avacado is hard to beat).  They have sandwiches, pizzas, salads and pastas, all pretty affordable (between $8 and $10/pizza) and after 10 it’s buy one get one free.  Plus, they have like 20 different beers on tap, and they’re only $2.50/pint.  I tried a couple pieces of different pizzas and I have to be honest the flavors weren’t super strong and flavorful, but this could be fixed by picking out your perfect toppings.  Everything else was great.

‘THE WOMEN’: 2.5.  Super low for me considering that I love almost any chick flick.  My expectations were high, especially because of all the big names.  Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Candice Bergen, Bette Midler (whose appearance probably totaled about 5 minutes), Jada Pinkett Smith, Annette Bening, and Eva Mendes all made appearances.  However, you never saw the husband who was the subject of most of the movie, which was probably done for some artistic reason, but just left me really frustrated.  That and I felt like there was no real climax and absolutely no satisfying conclusion.  Plus, Jada Pinkett Smith’s acting was just bad.  I’m really not a movie snob, but I so rarely actually go to the theatres that I want it to be good when I do go.  I must say the previews (and the company of course) was my favorite part.

MEG RYAN’S HAIR IN THE MOVIE: 9.  LOVED IT.  It kind of reminded me when she had short hair in ‘City of Angels’, but it was all curly and beautiful.  Not sure why they make it so she straightens it at the end because it was awesome all curly and fun.  Only reason it’s a nine instead of a 10 is because I’m sure they spent hours making it look like that and it’s impossible to duplicate.  Oh well.

DAN OSMAN ON LOVER’S LEAP: 4.  Solo climbing (AKA Dumb climbing) is when you climb with no ropes.  This dude is insane.  Yet it’s hard to tear your eyes away and I’ve watched this about 4 times tonight.  Incredible.  DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME (especially you Richard).



  1. DAN OSMAN ON LOVER’S LEAP: On minor correction… This dude WAS insane. He died not while doing a Free Solo but in another insane stunt using ropes, some say due to equipment failure.
    I will not try this at home, since I do not have a climbing wall at home 🙂

  2. I think I remember hearing about that, could be a urban legend, but supposedly he tried to do one of his jumps off a cliff with just a rope and harness, and the harness broke. What I heard he took so long to hit the ground he had enough time to call his friend and tell him he was gonna die. The main thing that makes that suspect is, Who has cell service that good? =) Sorry, that was wrong.

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