Fall smells like…

or this*:

And I love it.  


MY ABILITY TO LAYER PROPERLY FOR THE RIDE TO WORK: 4.  Started with sweatpants, a t-shirt and my fleece.  Within five minutes I’d rolled up my sweatpants.  Then I took off my fleece.  Then I was freezing so I put it back on.  Got hot again and took it off.  This appears as if it might be a constant struggle as the temperature changes.  With the ridiculous NC heat it’s easy.  Dress as light as possible.  Now it’s getting complicated.


*DISCLAIMER: I did not take these pictures.  They just look how fall smells to me.  Congrats to whoever did take them though… they’re pretty nice.



  1. Biking to work in cooler weather an 8:) It would have been higher if I wasn’t feeling so unmotivaed and slow when I started….Unlike Janice i just wore shorts and a t-shirt and it worked out wonderfully:)

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