Dog Walking Ethics

LACK OF KICKBALL IN MY LIFE: 2. Today I suddenly realized how long it’s been since I’ve seen BG. And I blame the end of the kickball season. Some good times were had out there this summer, and it makes me a little sad I dont have that to look forward to on Sundays. I was just getting good at pitching (its all relative my friends), our team was starting to get good (again, relatively), and we just had fun. However, now that I have a job I have to show up to on Mondays, it might be a good thing. That and I don’t have to worry about losing diamond earrings and getting yelled at when I completely miss an easy play… Still miss it.

THE DESK: 6. It’s getting better… I’ve replaced my long lists of e-mails and phone numbers with ones on fluorescent paper. That’s right. FLUORESCENT. Perhaps my favorite word leftover from the 90’s. However I used to say neon instead because I could never quite get fluorescent right. But now I can, and thankful that it’s making my desk a little more cheerful 🙂


PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO BE RIGHT: 1. So every time I go to the grocery store I bring in my large fabric Adidas bag and a backpack so I don’t use plastic bags. Yet I’ve found myself running out of plastic bags at home to use for Murphy when I walk him. I’ve begun to realize how ridiculous this is. SO, I’ve started working with him on pooping places where people don’t walk. Near bushes, in the woods, etc. I always bring a bag with me in case he poops in someones yard, but if he doesn’t I see no reason to waste plastic. Well, tonight when I was biking with him he pooped in a large grassy patch that was not at all someone’s yard, so I left it. Then from behind I head someone yell ‘You gonna pick that up?’ So clearly I stop and start to explain to him my thinking and he keeps insisting ‘I have a bag right here’, as if that was my point. I tried explaining, he clearly didn’t get it and I definitely got the impression that he had no interest in hearing me but just wanted to ‘catch’ people and call them out.

Am I being ridiculous, or does this make sense? I can’t tell if I’m making excuses or if it really is absurd to take canvas to the store and then waste 2-3 plastic bags a day scooping up poop that’ll be gone in a couple days.

THE SCENERY: So I was called out for putting up pictures that weren’t actually mine. So here’s what it really looked like on my way to work this morning… I give it a 6.5. It’ll work it’s way up when the leaves change 🙂

RUNNING INTO LISA ON THE RIDE HOME: 8. Super excited to notice someone sitting at the MLK Jr. intersection and realize it was Lisa, who also bikes to work! We then rode the rest of the way home together, and it reminded me why it was possible to bike to and from school every day that I lived in Tokyo. I always rode with my sister and I forgot how enjoyable bike rides are with company. Only reason it’s not a 10 is because it’ll be hard to every make the timing that perfect again, so it was kind of a tease. Still loved it!

THIS FAYETTEVILLE ST. INTERSECTION: 3. Seriously slows me down like whoah every day. Takes forever for the little green walking man to go, and there’s a ton of traffic so I can’t cheat. Plus, if I forgot to downshift before I get there, I look really stupid pedaling really slow as I get started again. While everyone is stopped at the light watching. Create yourself a mental movie right now cause it’ll probably make you laugh. Everyone in their cars does. Sometimes, however, the break lets me change albums on my iPod which is sometimes appreciated.

Saturday is REI’s GIANT yard sale at the Cary location. Which means lots of rich people buy gear, never use it, and return it in fabulous shape. Plus, word on the street is they’ve received a ton of stuff from the catalogue that’s never been used. So clearly we’re heading over at around 11 or 12 tomorrow night, pitching tents, cooking s’mores and spending the night. Send positive thoughts our way in hopes that that cops don’t come…



  1. aaaah, I wasn’t calling you out, I would just hate for you to get a dumb e-mail from some peanut butter company for rating their peanut butter a 2 and posting a picture of it. Nothing would probably come of it, except they’d probably want you to take the rating and picture down.

  2. So. Let me get this straight. I get FUSSED at for not wearing a helmet while climbing, alone, on a rock wall, with someone there to catch me… but you can not wear a helmet in TRAFFIC with CRAZY drivers who are just itching to run you over. And no one there to catch you?

    NO ma’am! Helmet please? This is not what I want:

  3. In Janice’s defense she doesn’t actually ride on the main street, her ride is a greenway the whole way (so unfair) but she does cross several interesections….

    I have to say meeting Janice on the way home made that ride a 9! The weather was perfect and it was awesome to get to chat, I wasn’t ready for it to be finished! I have to get up those hills faster to make a 10.

    Getting BADLY passed up by another biker this morning a 3. I was having to good of a ride to let it bother me more than that;)

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