Brixx… Again!

PINK VW BUG: 6.5.  While driving to REI last night there was a bright pink VW bug that was AWESOME>  I’m really not a pink girl, but it was bright and pretty.  And I loved it.  Lost some serious points because the top was up, and because I nearly killed myself trying to take a picture of  it while driving on 40 (sorry Mom).

OVERALL SECOND EXPERIENCE AT BRIXX: 7.5.  So we headed back tonight because we weren’t eating until 10ish and I convinced Claud that after 10 it was buy one get one free pizza (according to Paul from Tuesday).  Well, apparently that’s only Tuesdays and not every day.  So that knocks a cool point off to start with.  BUT, our server was adorable which earns a point, and he gave up on us at the end of the night which takes that point away.  We discovered you can get ½ one kind ½ another which was a great discovery, and the choices we made tonight were much better than those from the other night.  Plus, the dessert and company was fabulous ☺

OUR EATING FACES: 9.5.  While we appear slightly crazy, delicious pizza will do that to even the most normal of people.  And these faces are just classic.


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