‘Bringing it Back’ Week

Welcome to official ‘Bringing it Back Week’! It’s never too late to bring back all those things that made life fabulous in the past. So this week is all about bringing it back. I clearly am tackling the fanny pack first and foremost, however I’ve also decided to go with fluorescent clothing and the side ponytail (is it obvious that the 80’s have a special place in my heart?). This morning I almost brought back the crazy teased 80’s hair after biking to work the morning after a good rain. Wasn’t sure my office was ready for that quite yet… So anyways, now it’s your turn to decide what it is you’re going to bring back and take the week to rock it out. Themed weeks=8 (clearly depending on the theme). Would love to hear what you pick…

DECAF HAZLENUT COFFEE: 6. The no caffeine thing is making my work days so much more enjoyable. Discovering hazlenut coffee without caffeine was a brilliant discovery. Gives me the same comfort of a warm cup (in a freezing office) without the shakes and headaches. LOVE IT.

NEW BLOG COMMENTS: 9. There’s nothing I love more than opening up Wordress to see the little orange 1 next to the comments box. For those of you non-bloggers it means you have a new comment, but by someone who’s never commented before. Once you approve someone the first time it just automatically adds so you don’t get that little incredible box. I’ve recently discovered that a ton of people are reading the blog who I haven’t heard from in forever, so I get really excited finding out who they all are. ONly thing keeping it from a 10 is that it doesn’t happen very often. Is that a valid reason for knocking off a point? Isn’t the idea of tens that they don’t happen all the time. Hmmm…

FALL: 8.5. I LOVE the fall. I love that it’s not painfully hot anymore. I love that I can finally turn the AC off and leave my windows open- ALL DAY. I love that biking doesn’t leave me soaked in sweat. I love it when the leaves change color. I love the smell. I love starting to listen to Christmas music. I love the smell of Wal-Mart’s ‘Mulled Cider’ candles burning. I love fall cleaning. I love the restart of my favorite shows. I love the sound of marching bands from the local high school. I love the sound of college football. The only thing I can think of that takes off any points is the loss of daylight. Kills me both in the morning and at night. If fall could be mixd with the length of summer days I’d be in heaven.

CARRIE’S PHOTOGRAPHY: 9. AWESOME. I look at beautiful photography and become insanely jealous that I can’t take pictures like that. That’s the only thing keeping it from a 10. But I absolutely love looking at it. You should definitely check it out.

EVENING TENNIS: 7. Found a tennis partner in my apartment complex who is highly entertaining and pretty decent on the court. I love moving around, and feeling like I’m getting better at something. Don’t strike out nearly as often as I did when I first started playing either…

‘CHILL AFTERNOON MIX’: 8. While ironically I normally only listen to this playlist on the way to work in favor of more upbeat music on the way home, I discovered today that it also works really well in the afternoon. Who woulda thought.



  1. Listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving should get a 4. It’s still damn good, but you’re rushing holidays! At least wait until after Halloween. Sheesh!

    Italian keyboards get a 2, by the way. Everything’s in the wrong damn place!

    Free internet at my hostel gets a 9. It would be a 10 except the guilt I have for writing a comment on your blog while those waiting to use this computer for more worthwhile purposes shoot daggers at me.

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