Bringing Back the Rating Cards… and a couple other exciting things :)

So I know that doesn’t really count because it’s from like a week ago, but none the less it’s still exciting to see them back πŸ™‚

In addition, today I brought back fluorescent (as you’ll see in the pictures), pig tails, AND a side pony. And so many other brilliant ideas were discussed at dinner so I can’t wait to see what else the week brings…

On to the ratings.

CLAUDIA’S ORIGINAL ‘BRINGING IT BACK’ IDEA: 2. “This shirt is from last week…”

HER SECOND ATTEMPT: 6. The whale spout certainly was classic. And it looks pretty cute on her. Plus, I might even add a bonus point because she kept it on all night. 7!

HEATHER’S RATING OF THE CLIMBER BEHIND HER: 7. Realized we need to do more creepy/stalker ratings of people who don’t actually know they’re being rated. Immediately after this we decided to rate the guy Heather had been ogling for the past 30 minutes. Love it. Not sure I agree with the rating however…

This is the only shot I got all night where you can see both the fluorescent orange climbing top as well as the pigtails. I rate the combo a 7.5. However, I must admit I sacrificed the pigtails for a side ponytail about 15 minutes later, so it didn’t last as long as Claud’s. And the photo is probably a 3.5 because you can barely even see the pigtails. The climb itself couldn’t have been higher than a 5 as I didn’t even make it past this point. But now I have a picture to study for next week… I’d actually take some beta if you think you’ve got some.

CLAUDIA’S PARK JOB: 2.5. Not only did she park in a handicapped spot RIGHT in front of Vertical Edge, she also tried to censor the shot, worrying it would later be rated. Well Claudia, perhaps you should park where you’re supposed to and it wouldn’t be a problem. Plus, she almost made me handicapped on her way to the spot. I’m pretty sure 45 is probably speeding in a parking lot… Great action shot here though. I rate that a 9.

PIZZERIA UNO: The fact that they had Diet Mt. Dew as an option=6. Took some points off because it led to me drinking 3 of them (and the woman started bringing me two at a time which is pretty dangerous when it’s already 11 at night). Service= 4. I can’t really complain about mine, but overall she did not handle the large group well. Food=5. I enjoyed my Fire-something sandwich, but again wouldn’t go out of my way for one. Company=10. Had an awesome time with you all. You keep me highly entertained. Music=8.5. The 80’s music they played went really well with the side pony. Loved it.

$2 HIKING SOCKS: 9. Probably one of my favorite things in the world is wearing comfy socks around the house. Over Christmas break last year I bought my first pair of really good hiking socks and would wear them days in a row (yeah, that probably equals a 2). However, thanks to the fabulous REI yard sale I now have FOUR more pairs! One was $.83, and the other three were only 2 bucks. Can’t beat that. Plus, when you come home to an apartment smelling like fall and a little chilly because all the windows are open it’s even more perfect. Have I mentioned I love fall? That earns a 10 FOR SURE.

Off to bed in my comfy socks and enjoying this 10 πŸ™‚ What a great way to end a night.



  1. Who is that hot chick in the red shirt!?! She’s a fox! But she’s clearly a sociopath for stealing the handicapped spot. I mean, seriously, who does that?

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