Total Classics

TAYLOR MALI, ‘WHAT TEACHERS MAKE’: 10. Something someone said made me revisit this awesome example of performance poetry. Seriously, never heard it said better. AND, he taught a writing workshop at KIPP: Summit last year that changed my life. Then at the closing banquet he sat at our table. So pretty much you could say we’re BFF…

(Richard, this one’s for you)

DOLLAR TREE: 7. Not Family Dollar, not Dollar General, but DOLLAR TREE. The only ‘dollar store’ where everything is actually a dollar instead of teasing you with the name and then overcharging you like every other store. In particular I’m rating the one located in the NorthGate shopping center. The one off 15-501 is no good, but this one had a ton of good stuff. Highly recommended.

CLAIRE MEANS: 8.5. Went to City Bev tonight (this is become my new favorite place… right across the street from my place and super chill), and was pleasantly surprised to discover a bunch of live music. For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with good music. And I LOVE discovering new good music. Well a bunch of dudes played for awhile and then this girl gets up there and rocks my world. Seriously, freaking brilliant. Her voice is incredible and she was playing all her own stuff. Bought her CD, chatted with her for a little and am going to see her perform again on Friday at Cafe Driad. If you’re in town you should definitely check it out… only downside is that my favorite song she played, ‘Georgette’ (which you’ll see below) isn’t on the CD I bought. You’re KILLING me Clare.

BRINGING BACK THE CURLY STRAW: 7. How can you not love the curly straw??? Well tonight we decided to bring it back. Downsides= not long enough for every cup, and apparently when you stick it in a can (thank you Andy) it’s super hard to get out. But overall, you gotta love it.

HOT DOG MACARONI: 8. Total classic. Andy and Claud came over for dinner so decided I clearly needed to bring something back considering the theme of the week. After debating several options with the girls at the office, I ultimately decided on the childhood favorite, macaroni with hot dog. It was better than I remembered if I say so myself 🙂

TODAY’S BULLETIN BOARD: One of the projects of the day was to spice up the office bulletin board. With all my years of practice as an RA and teacher, I was pretty excited by the challenge. Here I’m asking for some outside ratings since I’m clearly bias. I would appreciate ratings based on aesthetic quality, seasonal touches, as well as content. You’ll see the different areas of the board include “Calendar and Events”, “County Spotlight”, “Staff Member Highlight”, “CM Shoutouts” and “Staff Shoutouts”.

Until tomorrow, attempting to recover from my macaroni and rosemary overdose.



  1. im just throwing this out there…. im sure it was quite tasty, but that mac n hot dog concoction looks like, well…. vomit.

    some things should be enjoyed with eyes closed 🙂

    see you manana!!

  2. Richard, I love your rating of “Awesome”. In case you didn’t read the rules, it has to be between 0 and 10. I’m not quite sure where ‘Awesome’ fits into that…

  3. I would have to rate that Taylor Mali vid a 8. I wish all teachers had a passion for teaching like that. The mac and cheese with hotdogs does look kinda nasty. I’d still eat it. Curly straws get a 2. They make the tasty goodness of soda or whatever you’re drinking take forever to get to your lips.

  4. I give the poetry a 9–for playing it at work the volume fluctuated a lot so it was hard to keep it at a reasonable-yet-audible level on a regular basis. 🙂

    bulletin board…like the font. I assume the blank squares are for people to write on? (have they? are there pens nearby?) generally I’m against fake leaves but this is a very good use of them so kudos to you. like the questions, too. your board gets an 8.5 because I wished you’d used green, orange or red paper instead of the blue to fit with the seasonal theme!

    and oh, mac & cheese and hotdogs. my dad used to serve us that ALL the time. weirdly enough, when I have mac & cheese I really, REALLY want blueberry muffins because that was a common meal at our house growing up!

  5. Funny crazy straw story – WAY back in my younger days I walk into the kitchen, grab a crazy straw from the drawer and put it in a can of Coke. Little do I know that Mom had washed that straw the night before but hadn’t rinsed it out well, leaving the soapy, day old dishwater trapped in one of the ‘crazy’ loops of the straw. So instead of a taste of delicious Coke I get a mouthful of not so delicious dishwater – I’m still scarred to this day….

  6. OK, Awesome = 10 from me…since we can not rate something that is awesome above a 10. Sorry you had to MAKE me show my work… :), just don’t MAKE me sit in silence for 40 minutes. lol

  7. Bill’s story = 7. I laughed. Out loud.

    Janice’s board = 6. Rated such because a) there appears to be a lot of blanks space around the posted items. Perhaps a nice, colorful (yet not wasteful) background is in order? Or maybe slightly larger postables? b) have to agree with Carrie… it’s not in fall colors and c)I’d probably walk past it, though if i stopped to look at it, i’m sure the posted items would be very entertaining (cant read content, so i’m going to have to not pass judgement on it). I might have to raise to a 6.5 for use of arrows.

  8. Taylor Mali=10!!! Made me feel a little guilty for the times I did complain about what I “made” as a teacher…and reminded me about all the good that came out of my teaching experience. Thanks for posting this. With everything stressing me out in my new job I needed this reality check.

    Curly Straws would rate an 8 in my book…I agree with Kevin, they slow does the speed of consumption. I prefer the Disney straws that turned into a character face right before they reached your lips…a total 10! Fun cartoon faces that turn colors as you drink!

    The mac-n-cheese/hot dog combination rates a 3 as far a photogenic quality goes…but that dip in the curly straw pic looks yummy..I rate it a 10 for appearance. I hope it tasted as good as it looks.

    As for my “bring it back” memory, anyone old enough to remember the microwave tater tots they used to make…the perfect afterschool treat….a 10 all the way!!! This was back when the microwave still sat on the kitchen counter and had a dial you turned instead of a digital screen. PLEASE, somebody back me up and tell me they have burned their mouth on a steamy hot microwaved tot! (BTW: burning mouth = 0)

  9. As not only a taste tester, but an outright devourer (I may have just made up that word), I can say that the macaroni & cheese was absolutely fabulous. I also enjoyed the chicken hot dogs, although I have been a vegetarian for many years. Janice, you can cook for me any time. I dreamed about rosemary bread all week and everything from your kitchen has been delightful. Keep up the super work!

  10. I have been debating for a while whether or not to post, but what the heck, I’ll join the techology savy. The hot dog conconction (sp?) would have gotten a 10 when I was 8 years old, but now…uh…not so sure. One of my favorites that would have gotten a 10 was fried hot dogs and scrambled eggs, WITH ketchup!

    The curly straws are a 10, just for the fun factor!

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