Bringing Back the Lunch Box

LAUREN’S NEW LUNCH BOX: 10. As far as I’m concerned there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s just the way Lauren presented it, but it has a seperate bottom that perfectly fits an included tupperware container with a freezer lid, a removable lining making it easy to clean, AND a clip on top so you can hook it on the back of your bookbag. Okay, that one might actually be minus a point. Only cause I’m picturing what it would look like to go to a law class with a lunch box hanging off your bag… But it is super environmentally friendly and I love that it’s being brought back.

MURPH’S NEW FAVORITE SPOT: 9. I’m liking that he discovered a new favorite bed. The top left corner of the couch is where I’ve found him the past couple times I realized he was being awfully quiet and went to look for him. A nice change from finding him in my closet digging through my clothes. Only downside is that it’s right next to the window where he can see and hear all the dogs that walk by, leading to the rare, but inevitable, beagle howl. We’re working on it.

COLORED LEGGINGS: 8. Walked into Macy’s tonight and fell in love. Almost immediately. Seriously, these tights made my legs smile, and are perfectly timed for ‘Bringing it Back Week’! If only I weren’t poor and if only they weren’t 8 dollars. Maybe if they were considered business casual and I could wear them to work they’d be a 10. But maybe that rating is less for the tights and more for whoever designed business casual in the first place.

GREY’S ANATOMY: 5. Sitting here watching the Season Premier of Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve gotta be honest, I”m not all that impressed. I’m pretty neutral. If I have other stuff to do I don’t mind having it on in the background, but honestly I’d rather be listening to Clare Means right now. Meredith is SO annoying with all her talk about Shepard, the situations are ridiculous (seriously, an icicle impalement?), and it’s kinda gory. I’m not digging all the blood. And I need to stop hearing about this relationship. LIke, now. Needless to say I think I’m gonna find something better to do with my time next Thursday.



  1. is the lunch bag made from recycled/reclaimed stuff? if not, it only gets 9 for environmentally friendliness–great reduction of waste, but the bag itself created quite a bit of it. 😦

    I am with you on grey’s. I used to LOVE it. I think they’re kind of jumping the shark a little, and when they decided to make this show I don’t think they had a long term plot in mind. The icicle was actually semi-believable (it does happen y’know?) but it was HUGE and over the top. And would’ve melted very quickly while she was in the warm hospital.

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