Bouldering and Puppy Pouting

FALL CLEANING WITH FOOTBALL ON IN THE BACKGROUND: 6. Have I mentioned recently how much I love fall? I feel an especially large need to appreciate this year because in year’s past it’s gone before I even appreciate that it was ever here. And this year it’s just been incredible. So after returning from Charlotte today I felt the rare motivation to clean, so I decided to go with it. Threw on some football on the TV in the background, because the sound of it always reminds me of Sundays growing up. All through college on weekends I’d open my windows and put football on when doing work because it gave me a strangely comforting feeling. And apparently still does 🙂 The fact that cleaning could earn anything higher than a 5 is fabulous, so thank you Fall!

MY FIRST BOULDERING COMPETITION: 6.5. Headed to Charlotte on Saturday morning with Andy as my co-pilot (see below). We arrived at Inner Peaks Climbing Center at about 3:00, checked in and hung around for a little bit observing all the other competitors. There were a lot of kids, all who seemed to be part of several teams. There were also a large group of super hard core guys, who had taken their shirts off within 5 minutes of competition starting. It wasn’t that hot in there, but who am I to complain. Needless to say I managed to keep my shirt on.

It was a little different than I expected, and basically they had about 50 bouldering routes set up around the gym, all ranked from 1-51. For each there were 3 point values… You earned the highest if you got it your first attempt, and then the points went down for the 2nd and 3rd. It’s mostly the honor system, and you fill out your card and have two witnesses sign it if you make one. Luckily I had three spectators with me (Kim, Rodney and Andy) so they got to follow me around, cheer, and sign my card. After I got over the initial nervousness and the fact that people are watching everytime you climb it was pretty awesome. Good feeling to hear applause when you complete a climb, and have strangers congratulate you or ask for help when you get down. The guys (Rodney and Andy) started getting really into the points and trying to find higher valued climbs which I found pretty entertaining.

They announced the top 5 overall women and men for an onsight finals, but the rest of the scores will be posted on their website so no clue yet how I did overall. Points off overall score because 1) the gym smelled REALLY funky (like Claud’s shoes x 3) 2) It was a little nerve-wracking and 3) there were long lines for every route and a lot of people were pretty pushy so I struggled actually getting on the wall as often as I would have liked.

Can’t wait for November when there’s three more 🙂 Here are some pics…

CLIMBING WITH KIDS: 7.5. So it turns out I had nothing to be worried about competing with kids. Winners are divided by age category anyways, and kids are way less fearless than adults. Both of climbing (and falling) and of offering beta to other climbers. This kid here, Gardner, was my personal coach for several climbs. In fact, in this picture he’s modeling how to get this climb. I completed it right after his instruction. I then refused to sign his sheet as a witness until he agreed to help me on the next one. This could work out well at future comps…

DUDE DRIVING WITH HIS FOOT OUT THE WINDOW: 10 for hilariousness. 3 for safety (which was a pretty serious concern considering he was driving right next to us going 75). Seriously, he had his foot out the window, his seat reclined and couldn’t have looked more comfortable. Andy felt a little awkward as we sped up to get his picture which is why we don’t have a good one right next to him. However the guy nodded like a rockstar when he saw the camera so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind…

TURBO VACS: 8.5. Today after returning from Charlotte I decided it was time to do some serious work on the cleanliness of my car. I hadn’t officially unpacked from the trip to Maine, and because it was always messy it made it easier to just throw stuff in the back. I can’t even remember the last time I used the seats in the back. Oh wait… Friday night I’m pretty sure I made BG squeeze in next to all of it, but the seat wouldn’t even sit up all the way. Once I finished cleaning it out I took it to a local carwash where they had a TurboVac. SUPER powerful meaning it got rid of most of Murphy’s hair everywhere. New car rule= Murphy is not allowed in the front seat. I’ve folded the seats down in the back of the Sportwagon and he can only sit on top of that, hopefully keeping his fur from getting everywhere again. We’ll see how this goes. So far he’s just pouting.

UNC CAMPUS: 9. Pretty beautiful my friends. Not sure if it was the gorgeous weather, the company or what, but I thoroughly enjoyed my walk around the campus tonight. First time I’ve really explored, and I love the feel of a big college campus. Sometimes makes me wish I’d gone to a big state school, but then I remember how awesome AU was and change my mind. So the only point off is for not being AU. Other than that it’s pretty fabulous. A Coldstone cone while walking might have helped push it towards a 10 as well…

ANDY’S CO-PILOT SKILLS: 5. Not horrible, and to his credit he stayed awake most of the ride home 🙂 However, he did put up with my frequent stops, including one to buy lottery tickets after I saw the billboard with teh big $200 million on it. And no, we didn’t win. Shocking, I know.

GAS IN BURLINGTON: 7. First, they had gas (for those of you who don’t know, there’s apparently a large gas shortage going on down here so a lot of gas stations aren’t even open), and secondly it was only $3.57. While a couple years ago this would be rated a 2, right now it’s a 7 in my world. I filled up for one of the first times in months.

FOOD LION PEACHES: 9.5. Had to add this rating at the last minute because I just bit into the most delicious peach ever. Seriously, peaches around here are hit or miss. First, the batch might be bad and they don’t really have any good ones so you leave disappointed. Second, you try and feel them to figure out if they’re ripe, overripe, underripe or just plain bad. And sometimes even when I think I’ve picked some good ones, one bite in I’m disappointed. But tonight I did good. This is DELICIOUS.



  1. I give you a 10 for having the guts to do a competition. That’s really cool. UNC does have a pretty campus. I love the Chapel at Dukes Campus. You should check that out, if you haven’t done it before. It’s right down the street from Duke gardens, that’s worth checking out as well.

  2. Actually the cheap Pilot gas station (which i frequent) is actually in the large metropolis of Mebane;) but hey you were close….

    And Carolina’s campus in the spring always a 10:) the memories of going to school there definitely boost the score!

  3. I rate the “Murph in the backseat only” rule a 10. Letting puppies (especially cute ones) ride in the front seat is a no-no… airbag deployment + puppy = bad news.

    I also really like the murphy and andy picture. too cute.

    Yay for you doing the bouldering comp. I’ll come next time… Boone Oct 4? What?

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