It is with much sadness that I bring you…

the first rating of the evening:

MASON JENNINGS CONCERT: 5.5. I was so hopeful this would be higher, and honestly I still want to rate it higher because I was so excited and it was still great to see him live. However, to maintain the integrity of our experiment I’ve got to be honest with my rating. Because it’s Mason it has to get at least a 5. I could never be neutral about him after all our history. However, tonight’s concert was a bit of a disappointment. I went in (as I do with any concert) with a list of songs I wanted to hear. 1) If you need a reason, 2) California, 3) Ballad for my one true love, 4) Ballad for Paul and Sheila (wasn’t really expecting that one) and 5) California II. When it came time for the encore, and not a single one had been played, I (along with a couple others around me) started yelling for California. And still, nothing. In fact, the entire encore felt like he was trying to put us to sleep. Come on dude. I love you, but it’s 12 at night and you’re playing the slowest songs you know. You’re asking for some yawns. Bottom line= I’m glad I went and finally got to see him live. I still love his voice, but I’m disappointed in his choice of songs.

(This is just to make me feel better…)

WEAVER STREET MARKET: 9. So far this is closest thing I’ve found in the states to a German beer garden. Inside there’s a delicious market full of healthy, delicious food, and outside there’s picnic tables, live music on weekends, and tonight beautiful weather. You can buy great beer inside, or wine which they’ll open AND give you wine glasses for. Tonight before the concert Tuttle and I headed there for dinner to catch up and it was fabulous. It became even better when Cory met up with us. Best kind of reunion before a Mason concert. The only thing taking away a point is the price. A lot of the food is charged by weight, and that’s just not fair when it looks and smells that good. I always get sucked into filling my plate up too high, and then it costs me a fortune.

THE TIMING OF THE STOPLIGHTS ON THE WAY TO WEAVER STREET: 2. Couldn’t have been more painful. Perhaps it was the excitement of seeing Tuttle and Mason, or maybe it really was just that bad, but I hit every red light possible on my way there. That road can be super quick or ridiculously slow depending on those lights and I really think they need to work on the timing. Claudia, isn’t that something civil engineers work on?

HAVING TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONVERSATIONS GOING ON AT ONCE, WITH THE SAME PERSON, USING TWO DIFFERENT E-MAIL ACCOUNTS: 8. Purely for entertainment value. Have I mentioned lately that I love Claudia? -2 for confusion.

YOUTUBE: 6. Overall YouTube is pretty awesome (see above for a great example). HOWEVER, I find it extremely difficult to take videos from my new camera and get them on YouTube so I can embed them in my blog. I have a great one of Andy climbing on our trip to Pilot and I still haven’t been able to figure it out. I’ve even converted them to the format they want, it uploads really quick, and then never shows up. I’m getting frustrated.

(Dude, I clearly can’t broadcast myself if you won’t accept my videos. CLEARLY.)

TUESDAY NIGHT WITHOUT THE CLIMBING MEETUP: 1.  I seriously miss it when I don’t go.  I get to climb other nights, but there’s something awesome about Tuesdays.  Everyone’s there, and it’s always my favorite day of the week because of the entertainment guaranteed, and recently delicious food afterwards.  Looking forward to Friday 🙂



  1. bummer that the concert didnt go as well as anticipated… 😦 Also not cool that you had to miss climbing! They put up a TON of new routes… but they took down that yellow in the corner. HOWEVER – it was replaced with an equally cool one! Well, thats the rumor anyway. Heaven knows I can’t do it. But you surely can!
    Also- are -2 ratings allowed?

  2. I don’t think she gave you a -2 rating, claudia, i think she substracted 2 points from 10 giving you the 8;)

    And i can attest the new yellow route is very cool (I actually did it!). We definitely missed you Janice! And you missed out on Claudia’s lost and found attire;)

    You just can’t leave climbing on a Tuesday doing anything but smiling, definitely a 10:)

  3. Live music is the only acceptable reason to miss climbing so we’ll give you a free pass on this one…

    …and paying for food by weight – Reminds me of the food court at college, talk about a flashback.

  4. Claudia’s Determination to Climb: 9A shirt from Heather, pants from the lost and found, and a climbing harness to hold them up (the pants were clearly too big) (Would have been a 10 but, -1 for not bringing clothes in the first place, -1 for not being willing to sacrifice her work clothes, +1 for looking good in lost and found clothes)

    Me not taking a picture of Claudia for this blog: 3Well what can I say… I was clearly missing Janice, when she is around I think about rating stuff.

  5. Ok, here is my revised rating… 8 taking away the +1 for looking good in lost and found clothing… Still she was pretty determined to climb last night.

    My ability to stand in for Janice and rating stuff at the Tuesday night climb: 5 (-5 for no picture, -1 for screwing the rating up, +1 for stepping up) Got to admit, it is pretty damn hard. I quit, Janice we need you back 🙂

  6. You were much missed!

    Claudia was indeed a vision in her duds. The departing shot of her in the work heels and the lost&found clothes almost made Gene’s head explode. Not sure what *that* would have rated 😉

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