Mexican and Marshmallows

SLEEPING IN: 3.  I know what you’re thinking.  How could sleeping in possibly be bad?  Well, it can be when it happens THREE days in one week!  Today was the worst, waking up for the second time at 8:05!!!  Seriously, I need to get my hands on a radio clock ASAP, as this lack of a morning walk is NOT going well for Murph dog.  Thankfully I got two offers after Monday’s post, so I’m gonna have to get on that.

DOWNTOWN TOREROS: 8.5.  LOVE IT.  Cory was in town today, which was a treat in itself, and we headed to lunch at the downtown Toreros.  I’ve been the one on 15-501 with the staff and with Jon a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure we rated the food pretty high.  So now take the good food and put in a super colorful, really fun restaurant that’s a 5-minute walk from the office.  On top of that I brought back food for Katherine and Courtney which meant chips and salsa to get us through the miserable 3-5 hours.  Only thing missing is Tolteca white dip… still haven’t found anyone who has it in Durham.  

’06 CMS: 9.  Clearly the ’06 corps is the best corps (clearly), but this is a good week because several ’06’s have returned to the area.  Got to see Tuttle and Cory last night for the concert, Cory again for lunch today, and Antoinette and Daniel are gonna be working from the office tomorrow and Friday.  Nothing like some blasts from the past to make life more exciting.  And of course I’m always blessed with Courtney as my neighbor 🙂  Just wish I saw them all more often…

CLEAN BEDROOM: 6.  Came home from work today super motivated to finally get rid of the GIANT pile of clothes on my bedroom floor.  It has been growing for the past three weeks (I know, pathetic) and is miserable for several reasons.  One, Murph has ruined several pieces of clothing and I had to keep him out of the room altogether.  Two, I have been seriously pushing the limits of business casual as my choices dwindled.  So I got to work and knocked out two loads of laundry and folded/hung EVERYTHING.  So cleanliness definitely makes it above a five, but honestly I still haven’t done any decorating which kills the feng shui of the room.  

FUNKY SMELL IN MY KITCHEN: 2.  I wish I could post smells online somehow so you could understand how seriously frustrating this is.  It’s been going on for awhile and I’ve hit the point of serious frustration.  At first I thought it might be the garbage under the sink, so I emptied that.  Then I thought it might be the garbage disposal, so I ran it with dishsoap.  Then I thought maybe the dishwasher so I cleaned out part of that.  And today the smell is still going strong.  I’m pretty sure now it might be in the pipes, and am desperately hoping my apartment complex can bring maintenance in and see what they can do.  Until then I’m going to try some remedies I found online involving vinegar and baking soda.  Not optimistic considering the original smell already smells a little bit like vinegar.

FIRST FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE: 8.  Have I mentioned recently that it’s fall?  And that I love it?  Okay, well I do.  And tonight, with Bryan’s expert assistance, we christened my fireplace 🙂  He brought some wood over that he found in the woods, we stacked it up on the porch, and couldn’t resist trying it out.  I clearly then immediately decided it wasn’t a real fire without s’mores.  So I ran to Harris Teeter… I love that it’s open 24 hrs.  Best part=getting into my car and smelling my fire outside.  That’s right, I was one of those people creating the smell of fall this evening.  Definitely earns extra points. 


MY FIRST ROASTED MARSHMALLOW IN THE FIREPLACE: 9.  Almost perfect.  Probably could have cooked a minute longer, but didn’t want to lose it.  Made for a pretty delicious s’more, not gonna lie.

S’MORES: 7.5.  I really love s’mores.  Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers with cinnamon on them.  I REALLY love s’mores.  Only thing that kills me is how difficult they are to eat.  You end up with marshmallow and chocolate all over your face and crumbs down your shirt.  Kinda like lobster though… all the trouble makes it that much better. 



  1. Having the comments be mostly about me yesterday = 9. -1 for inflating my ego a little bit. But it was still pretty awesome. To steal a quote from janice: “It made my heart smile.” 😀

  2. Be careful with that one Claud. It’s not just a quote but a very real feeling. Beware of overuse… it takes away from the legitimacy of a smiling heart.

  3. The idea of being able to put a smell online: 5 When you are talking about that FUNKY SMELL IN YOUR KITCHEN, I am so glad that you can’t. On the other hand, looking at your wonderful fire and roasted marshmallow I can not help but imagine how nice it would be if you could put those smells online. Considering all of the pros and cons, I will have to remain neutral on this one.

  4. The fact that Richard always includes his own ratings=10. I’m thinking of inviting him to be featured as a “Guest Rater”…

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