Going to the bathroom…

WHENEVER I WANT!: 9. Having all the old ENC folks around today brought back a lot of memories of my first two years as a teacher. We’re now all out of the classroom and spent some time thinking about the advantages of that. The biggest of which is FINALLY getting to go to the bathroom whenever I want. For two years I desperately ran in between classes, snuck out while they were doing independent work, and sometimes just suffering. To be able to get up from my desk without thinking twice almost earns a 10. The payoff, however, of not being with my kids everyday takes away a point. I miss ’12…

KIM’S CINNAMON BREAD: 8.5. Every day Kim’s in the office she toasts this fabulous cinnamon swirl bread. When she does, the entire kitchen smells like home on Christmas morning. It’s amazing the memories a smell can incite, and this is definitely a great one.

PARKER & OTIS: 7. I love this place. Walking distance from the office, they have great sandwiches for lunch, and a recently discovered fabulous candy counter. We headed there today for lunch to continue to celebrate Courtney’s birthday week. Got a pretty incredible turkey sandwich with avocado and dijon mustard on whole wheat bread. Enjoyed it outside, and then got a bag of candy to help me survive the 3-5 block.

(Antoinette and I spent some time catching up along with our delicious Parker & Otis candy pumpkins)

CLIMBING TREES: 5. Great idea in theory (and I can’t control the urge when I see a good one) but made the mistake of climbing one today while outside hitting a volleyball around with a friend. Saw it, immediately thought it would be great to climb, attempted it in sneakers (which is surprisingly tough when you’re used to climbing shoes) and then couldn’t find my way back down without ropes. Slipped, cut my leg, and kinda wished I hadn’t started it in the first place. Luckily I had a great spotter and ended up with no broken bones.

Super tired from staying up to watch Dave Levin on the Colbert Report last night so headed to bed. Have a new alarm clock (thanks Lauren!), so hopefully I’m up early tomorrow to take Murph for a run. Wish me luck!



  1. mmmmmmmmmmm cinammon bread. It is crazy how smells make you remember things, whenever I smell ginger bread I think of christmas. Making me think how smells bring back memories gets an 8. I can’t fault you for trying to climb tree’s. Some really do look inviting. Then you climb up about 15ft and wonder, how did I get up here? Is the pictures of your leg the so called cut? If so, you get a 9 for exaggerating a scrape as a cut. Rub some dirt on it and stop whining. =)

  2. Okay, you’re totally right. But in my defense it did look worse in person. It was all purple and stuff. Picture doesn’t do it justice…

  3. The bathroom thing is really funny. I wrote a paragraph about my history of using the bathroom “whenever I wanted” but I decided that public lewdness has not place on your blog.

  4. The smelling part of your brain is right next to the memory part of your brain, and they talk to each other a lot, so smell evokes memories the best/strongest/easiest of any other sense. Sound/hearing songs is second…I’m such a dork.

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