Waking up on time!

WITH LAUREN’S NEW ALARM CLOCK: 10.  THANK GOD.  Problem solved 🙂  I was right all along, and it WAS the lack of a radio alarm clock that was killing me.  This morning it went off right at 6:00, waking me up with a great oldie.  Then the talk radio came on and I stayed in bed with Murph for about 10 minutes before getting up.  Meaning I got everything done this morning I needed to and I’m off to work early to finish up some ACC stuff.  Thanks Lauren 🙂  You made my week



  1. you should be able to put in a battery to back it up. and janice, sorry I didn’t see you to give you mine first, but glad you have one now. not having to dig through my belongings to locate an alarm clock=8 (-2 because I’d have to dig through them in the first place, as they are not yet unpacked!)

  2. 9-For having the same alarm clock as me. Trust me you want the radio waking you up, and not the alarm sound. It’s super annoying.

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