Wear what makes your legs smile

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: 10.  So those of you who are frequent readers know I rated these tights during ‘Bringing it Back Week’.  I saw them at Macy’s and rated them an 8 (I think…) because they’re AWESOME, but were more than I could afford, and don’t really fit into business casual for work.

Well today, wrapped up in my purse, I found these 🙂  With them was a card that said “You’re rich in spirit.  Enjoy!”.   And no name!!!  I can’t tell you how excited it made me.  Nothing like this has happened since Doug Burlew gave me the Hallmark Kiss-Kiss bears for Valentine’s day in high school, and wrapped them up and left them on my front porch anonymously.  Now I REALLY want t wear them ASAP, and am wondering how I can fit them into my business dress for the conference tomorrow…

MY DESK MATE: 9.  So just to clarify, I’m not rating the person as a whole (this is territory I’m not willing to tackle yet), but her status as my desk mate.  Courtney is awesome, productive, entertaining, and has a great smile.  I’m so lucky to get to work with her daily and figured it was finally time she got a full picture feature.

LISA’S CUT AS COMPARED TO MY SCRAPE: 6.5.  Alright, I’ll admit.  My ‘scrape’ yesterday wasn’t quite as serious as the cut Lisa acquired on her first bouldering route of the evening.  Pretty thankful this was the only result, considering it looked like she hit her face on the wall and Richard and I were both convinced she was gonna pass out.  This is not the way to convince others to create a bouldering team with me… although we did come up with a good name tonight 🙂

A POST WITHOUT A PICTURE OF MURPHY DESTROYING SOMETHING: 4.  Slightly below average, solely because of the fact that it often makes me laugh out loud.  However, an evening without Murphy destroying something would probably be a 9 or 10.  As I write this he’s continuing to mutilate the water bottle that is now wrapperless… you know what they say about people who peel the wrappers off bottles…

Short and sweet is sometimes good 🙂  I’m off to bed to get up early tomorrow with my new alarm clock!


One comment

  1. I think my bruise today might boost my score a half point, it’s prettier with the black and blue around it:)

    Janice talking me into bouldering 6.5… It was a lot more fun than i thought it would be but loses points since I obviously fell on my first try (I did make it the second time).

    Janice and Richard’s face when I fell 8… their faces were full of concern and quite funny, but they lose points for overreacting;)

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