It’s Been Found! (the smell in the kitchen that is)

SOUTHPOINT STARBUCKS: 9. The All Corps Conference went pretty well on Saturday, and the highlight (logistically anyways) had to be the Southpoint Starbucks. The woman who runs that location was nothing but sweet to me everytime I called to place the order, change the order and confirm the order. They were super close to being on time (only 10 minutes late, hence the 9 instead of 10), the people working were awesome, we had enough for everyone (and the coffee was still warm at the end of the day) AND she included a bunch of baseball cookies to thank us for the large order (they were frozen, and pretty processed, but still. It’s the thought that counts). Overall I highly recommend them. Plus, they now have breakfast oatmeal that comes with a packet of nuts, a packet of dried fruit, almond butter and brown sugar. Everything you need for the best on-the-go breakfast. LOVE IT.

DISCOVERING WHERE THE SMELL IN MY KITCHEN WAS COMING FROM: 6. My friend Brian was over last night helping me install a bike rack on my bike (yes, another one. I am officially going to look like a bag lady with no home, as he kindly pointed out), and actually dared to enter the kitchen area. I warned him about the smell, but apparently he was trying to prove his bravery. After sniffing around and lifting up the burners on my stove, he discovered a whole bunch of water (and other gross stove leftovers) living under the stove top. After sniffing it (and nearly dying) I confirmed that was in fact the smell that was ruining my life and costing me a fortune in WalMart candles. I’m pretty sure I threw up in my mouth everytime I looked at it.

MY TENNIS BUDDY HELPING ME CLEAN IT: 10. Luckily my friends tend to be pretty good people, and Brian willingly stuck around to help me clean it. What a rockstar. We used turkey basters, paper towels, a pan and disinfectant to thoroughly get rid of ALL of it, and I can proudly say that my kitchen is now stench free (for the most part…).

PAUL STILL NOT OWNING HIS OWN GEAR: 2. Seriously, I’ve been climbing with Paul at the Chapel Hill Community Center for about 4 months now. And every week he continues to rent gear. The fact that he hasn’t bitten the bullet (does that actually make sense?) and bought his own gear is so sad. Every climb gets -1.5 points for the loaner chalk bag half the size of his body. Hopefully this rating will help him make the big move.

‘LOS COMALES’ IN DURHAM: 7. Killing me that I can’t remember the name. I’ll update this if Jon gets back to me… basically it’s this small, weird looking restaurant right off of 85 in downtown Durham. Used to be a fast food place of some sort. You order when you walk in, and I swear we were the only people speaking English in the whole place which definitely gave me a good feel for the authenticity. However it also meant you got stared at a lot (and I’m guessing laughed at since I probably wasn’t eating anything right and we were taking pictures with numbers…). But, my mole was awesome. Reminded me a little bit of curry which always makes me happy. However, I left convinced that are better places out there. Turns out 7 is Jon’s default rating for anything he likes but knows can find better. So a 7 it was. Either way, it’s nice to have him back from Italy.

FINDING MURPHY’S POOP IN MY POCKET: 1. This is an absurd story. And you’re probably going to judge me… and maybe gag a little. But here it is.

So when I walk Murphy every morning I bring a poop bag with me (despite my reservations about how much plastic I’m wasting… still not over that guy yelling at me across the street). When I have to pick up poop I tie the bag and either find the nearest trash can to throw it in or put it in my pocket. Well, when I reached into my pocket at the Mexican restaurant I felt the baggie and immediately realized why my car smelled like dog poop as I was leaving the Community Center. Thoroughly disgusting, and as far as I’m concerned it earns a zero, however Jon convinced me the entertainment he was getting out of it was worth at least one point. So there it is. A 1.

LOCOPOP: 10. To make up for it, Jon suggested heading to Locopop on the way home. Unique to Durham, this is a popsicle shop where this woman just decided to start making her own Mexican style popsicles. They have their regular flavors (both water and cream based), including things like Cookies and Cream, Mexican Chocolate and Strawberries and Cream. They also have ‘Special Flavors’ that she makes on a week by week (I think… maybe day to day?) basis, including things like S’mores, Moroccan Curry and Chocolate Lavender. Everything is made with the real deal, including real marshmallows, Oreos, graham crackers, etc. They also come in small, regular and large sizes, so you can get a baby pop if you want. All in all this was definitely a 10. Can’t come up with a single thing I don’t like about this fabulous ice cream on a stick.

SEEING SOMEONE ELSE WHO’S BRINGING BACK THE FANNYP PACK: 9. That’s right… as I was grading papers at Weaver Street Market today I saw a girl sit down at a table next to me and hang this fanny pack up. It’s working!!! The fanny pack is coming back! And this one was even decorated with glitter. I am totally loving it. Would be a 10 if I had actually seen her with it on, but I might have just missed it. Looks like ‘Bringing it Back Week’ has been extended!

MURPHY AT WEAVER STREET: 6. I would say overall he did pretty good. Considering he was tied up to a bench for almost 4 hours, and kept himself entertained for almost all of it, I would say he’s a rockstar. Was a great training opportunity, since I brought his treats and got him to sit and look at me every time I said ‘leave it’ (basically whenever he was barking or pulling towards other dogs). By the end, any time someone came up to pet him he would sit politely until they were done. I rarely get chances to work on his training since I don’t take him in public too often. Clearly he’s ready for more crowd time. Plus I have a feeling when we get home he’s going to totally pass out which might up the rating to a 7.



  1. Loco Pops- not unique to durham. There’s one in Raleigh also… granted, the same people own it, but whatever. We’ve got one, too 😀

  2. you need to get biobags for the murphy poo. And you need to hang the edge of hte bag out of your pocket or something, ’cause ew.

    hate that you had to clean that up without being to tilt up the top of your oven! but glad you found it!

    and what happened to your “10?”

  3. 0 – Not having a 10 card AND putting it up reversed as an 01 instead. I never knew you were dyslexic.

    2 – Not mentionning that scrubbies were also involved in the odor cleaning process. No more Mom scrubbies for you 🙂

    BTW have 2 kleenex boxes filled with newspaper bags saved for you – not eco-friendly as bio ones, but gets brownie points for recycling!

  4. Poop in pocket gets a 1, gross. Acting eco friendly and healthy but then promoting and being excited about a addicting substance like coffee gets a 0. Thinking that the fanny pack left has never seen a bunch of senior citizens or been to a gay community. How did food get into your stove? That is nasty, you’re lucky you didn’t have roaches to accompany the smell. This guy who helped you must really think you’re hot. =)

  5. i just love it. repeatedly. i think you are great. what a knack for life! hope we see you this tuesday…you were missed last week! hopingratedbeardmanbethere. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    no seriously…i’m serious.

  6. Have you tried the Starbucks oatmeal? I KNOW that it looks good, but it also looks overwhelming. By far the best oatmeal I have ever had is the one packet of original + one packet of flavored oatmeal on trail breakfast day at camp… with extra points for the days when we slept in late enough so that we didn’t have enough time to boil water, so we had all of the kids just use the water from their water bottles and ran around screaming about how much we LOVE oatmeal to convince the kids to eat the stuff.

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