Daily thoughts on the experiment

Claudia’s comment first thing this morning made me continue to reflect on my ratings.  This weekend I had a great discussion with a friend about how at the end of a day I usually step back, look at the ratings, and then think about why they leaned one way or the other.  Whether my day was really that great or that horrible, and what I can do to continue the incredibleness or improve on the less than stellar ratings.  In Teach For America lingo, I’m basically always looking to ‘continuously increase my happiness effectiveness’ (CIE). 

In the TFA world right now we’re focusing a lot on data and how we can use it to analyze and improve student learning in our classrooms.  Is it possible to use data on our day to do the same thing? 

I suppose it’s only possible once you start collecting data, which until now wasn’t possible.  And while I say ‘until now’, is my data really data?  Is it possible that it’s always inaccurate because I find myself to be an instinctive optimist at heart?  At the end of each day when I sit down to rate I often find myself only thinking about the good things that happened that day and forgetting about any small, bad things.  Does it mean that my day was really that great, or just that I only remember the great things?  And if I don’t remember the bad things, then doesn’t it really become my new reality anyways, making it in fact true?  And do I really want to force myself to remember the bad things for the sake of more accurate data?  Or would I rather live in my naively optimistic world?  I think I’ll go with the second one…

More ratings to come 🙂



  1. dude. I would MUCH rather see a day full of 8’s and 9’s than a day full of 2’s and 3’s. You having a good day somehow makes my day better, too. Continue the high ratings.
    Optimists rule.

  2. Your commitment to this website: 10
    Google search ranking of your website on a search for “rate your world”: #5
    Agreement that Paul needs to get his own climbing gear and needs a stupid nickname like “Sparklefairy” until he does: 10
    My inability to write in sentences that don’t have a ranking: 2

  3. “The act of asking the question is itself the starting point as the aim of asking the question is to seek truth and knowledge.”


    Blue pill or red pill? They both get you to the same place.

    At the risk of seeming contrary, I’d like to see some more negative reviews. But then, I’m a red pill man. Whatever you do just keep writing. 😎

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