Mail Goggles and the Pride

YET ANOTHER FANNY PACK SIGHTING: 9. While some might say this is an inflated rating, I first want you to picture me chasing this guy down with a overflowing basket on the front of my bike and a GIANT backpack on my back. That and a camera in one hand. Already my bike’s heavy enough, but with all that I was seriously working to try and catch this guy. Didn’t work as you can tell from the picture on the right, but luckily the horrible Fayetteville intersection (I think I rated this way below a 5 a couple weeks ago) slowed him down to and I got a real good shot. Doesn’t appear to be elderly, and no way of telling his sexual orientation from the two minutes I creepily stalked him for a picture…

EARLY MORNING POLITICAL DEBATES WITH MY MOM ON THE WAY TO GASTON: 8. We don’t always agree, but I learn a lot by talking politics with my mom. She has a lot of real life experience coming from a completely different perspective that helps me really think about how all these economic policies they’re talking about affect real people. Doesn’t mean I always agree, but it’s good to have someone to push my liberal thinking now and then. Plus, it ensures I don’t fall asleep at the wheel during the two hour country drive from Durham to Gaston. Always a good thing.

MAIL GOGGLES: 9.5. Super close to getting our first guest rater on this one, however she got stage fright at the last minute so I’m gonna have to take over. As if Google wasn’t great enough already they’ve just come out with the most brilliant invention ever. It’s called Mail Goggles, and basically it’s a safeguard on your e-mail account that during certain late-night hours requires you to complete some rather basic math problems before it will send an e-mail. The purpose, you ask? To prevent all those unwanted drunk e-mails, clearly. BRILLIANT. If only my phone had one of these it would be a 10…

WATCHING CALEB DOLAN TEACH: 8. I always loved watching my school leader teach while I was still working there, but it’s almost more energizing when I haven’t been back in a while. This guy can instruct a class of 90 8th graders (seriously, I’m not exaggerating) better than I’ve seen most teachers lead a class of 20. The level of thought required from students is impressive, but most importantly you see kids not afraid to be who they really are, not afraid to push their thinking, and excited to engage in the material. -2 because it makes me want to try teaching again, and because I reflect a lot on what happened in my class the past two years and wish I could do some things over. But seriously, it’s worth watching.

PRIDE OF 2012: 10. If I were ever going to rate something higher than a 10, now would be the time. The Pride of 2012 is the group of kids I taught for the past two years, and seeing them today just reminded me how priceless they are. My heart smiled 4 times within a matter of 5 minutes of being in the same room with them (and you all know I don’t use that phrase unless I REALLY mean it). So many memories with each kid, and just being in their presence reminds me why we do what we do, and makes me miss being in a classroom with them. Anyway, that’s a whole nother issue, but bottom line these kids rock my socks off. More pictures to be included tomorrow…

THE COUNTRY: 7. It’s incredible what a calm feeling I get whenever I drive back to the ‘country’ as my kids called it. Getting close to Gaston you begin to see beautiful cotton fields and other scenery that you just don’t have around Durham. Granted, the number of young people drops drastically and the number of tractors and Piggly Wiggly’s significantly increases, but it sure is nice to come back and visit 🙂

CANDY CORN AND COKE ZERO: 7. Clearly not the healthiest combo but the only thing keeping me awake right now to finish up my work. So you gotta love it.



  1. Emailing Janice about the Mail Goggles at the exact same time she posts it – 7.5 for being a little freaky.

    And I apologize Claudia, some people actually had work to do yesterday….

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