Bonnie Tyler and Wasabi Peas

BLUE FLAME COFFEE: 6. I’m a little hesitant to rate this, however when you’re running on very little sleep there’s nothing better than a Blue Flame coffee on the way to work. Complete with CoffeeMate Hazlenut cream and way too many Sweet & Lows, it’s the perfect start to another long day.

BEING IN A CLASSROOM TEACHING: 9. Getting to lip sync Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ with a whole new group of kids while sorta teaching a little bit about technology was pretty great. Made even better by Sean then joining in on Tyler Hilton’s ‘Missing You’.

LA TOLTECA WHITE DIP: 8.5. The mystery white dip. Every Mexican restaurant outside of RoRap is compared to the brilliance of Tolteca. Bottomless Diet Cokes (that are refilled before even half empty), delicious Mole, patient servers who put up with my hideous attempt at learning to have conversations with them in Spanish and the mysterious white dip. If only I knew what was in it and didn’t always leave so shaky from all the caffeine…

ZEN PARTY MIX: 7. I’ve had a recent addiction to trail mix and discovered the Zen Party mix at Target. Pretty classic with a mix of different crunchy things, but the best part are the wasabi peas (you can see one right in the middle there…) which give you a sudden kick to clean out your nose. Do you love it?!?

Headed back to Durham tomorrow after one last day at school. Night 🙂



  1. The white dip must be a Mexican/Virginian thing – I only see it when I’m across the ‘north of the border’ or very close to it.

    Mayo, sugar,a little garlic maybe? I have no idea what’s in it and the taste is very hard to describe but works so well with the Salsa…..

  2. Bill, I think the ingredients are actually, Mozzerella, green chili’s and maybe a little garlic and other stuff, but I think it’s mostly mozzerella, green and red chilli’s and possibly something else. When you say white dip, I can only think of dirty things.

  3. I know, I’m a mess…

    Mozerella, really? – White dip doesn’t taste like cheesy to me – way to sweet.

    …hmm, know what I’ll be looking up on the net tonight….

  4. Hmmm sorry Bill, I meant Monteray Jack, here’s the #1 recipe when I googled white queso dip,

    White Queso Dip
    1 c. Monterey Jack cheese chopped fine
    4 oz. green chiles in can chopped fine
    1 Serrano pepper med. if fresh you need to blister skin in broiler for six to eight minutes , pull skin from flesh, chop fine
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 tsp ground cumin
    1/2 T cilantro chopped very fine
    1/4 to 1/2 half & half cream you add for what thickness you like.

  5. Whoah. Quite the discussion about the white dip. Despite the grammar, I’m definitely with Bill on this one. The white dip at Tolteca is definitely not a cheese dip, but a sweeter mayonnaise based dip. Although I do love queso as well 🙂

    Bill- any idea on where to get the white dip around us?

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