Road Trips and Online Synching

THE THOUGHT OF A ROAD TRIP TO TOLTECA: 9. I love road trips and I love Tolteca. What could be better? If the cost of gas were cheaper it’d be a 10.

NOT REALLY UNDERSTANDING ‘SYNCHING’, THEREFORE LOSING THREE DAYS OF WORK: 1. Yup, worked all week in Gaston, got a lot done, plugged my computer back in at the office and for some reason it didn’t sync right. Which means all the work I saved while there disappeared. THANK GOD for having e-mailed Amanda a copy of my work (hence the 1 point) for her feedback, so some of it ended up being salvageable (?). Otherwise I would have been seriously screwed. I have such a love/hate relationship with technology sometimes…

EXCESSIVELY LONG GMAIL CONVERSATIONS: 8. That being said, it could totally flip the other way around if it was with people you don’t like about things that bore you. However, in my world what started as a party invite yesterday, quickly became an extensive Gmail conversation between a bunch of my favorite friends. I love how Gmail organizes all your e-mails under one tab so instead of clogging your inbox with 50 seperate e-mails (yes friends, it turned into over 50 e-mails), there’s only one with all parts of the conversation included. Kind of like a saved chat conversation allowing you to read (and reread) anything you might have missed the first time around. I can only imagine how overwhelming it was for Richard and Greg who seemed to actually be doing work and didn’t jump in until the very end…

LOOKING AT YOUR ONLINE BANKING ACCOUNTS WITHOUT HAVING A PANIC ATTACK: 7.5. Am I getting too personal here by talking about money? Never bothers me but some people sure do get uncomfortable with it. I wonder who’s feeling a little awkward right now reading this… Either way the transition between jobs this summer was a little stressful, intensified by the fact that it took a solid month to get any money from the new job, and the money from the consulting gig over the summer STILL hasn’t shown up. Luckily living in Gaston allowed me to build up some savings so I survived, but it was getting close for a while. So when I checked all three of my online banking accounts today (Checking, Credit Card and Savings) and things are finally straight, it felt pretty good. Still wish I saved more, but self-awareness is the first step to improvement, so I’m on my way 🙂

THROWING UP IN YOUR MOUTH A LITTLE BIT: 0. Haven’t had a zero in a while, but I did just throw up in my mouth a little bit (if the money part wasn’t awkward this might be, so if you’re sensitive, or old-fashioned, you might want to skip) and man did it hurt. Seriously, burned my throat and mouth and was incredibly painful. Took a solid minute and a half to get over. Just a small burp yielding a whole ton of pain. May have been the coffee that made it so bad… I can’t imagine doing that daily, on purpose. Can’t imagine.

PICTURES IN THIS POST: 1… I’m working on it. Enough said.


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