Game, Match, Set!

MY TENNIS FOCUS: 3. While I really do enjoy playing (especially on days like today when it was BEAUTIFUL), I seem to consistently lose focus after the first match. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve never made it past the first match…

BRIAN’S PATIENCE: 8. Lucky for me Brian is incredibly patient and keeps putting up with it. Which means I still get to enjoy Park Ridge’s nice courts this fall 🙂  All this even after repeatedly losing to me…

PAUL’S CLIMBING NAME: 8. As promised, I will continue to harass Paul until he gets his own gear (and I think he’s on the right track… called him tonight when men’s shoes shows up on Steep and Cheap). Today we gave him his new climbing name: Cheap Rental. I love it.

CREATE YOUR OWN SIX-PACK: 10. Officially off the bandwagon, I discovered today that Total Wine has tons of individual beers from all over. I love trying new things and I LOVE beer, so this was more than I could resist. Split with a friend who likes dark beers and tried a little bit of everything, including: Vanilla Porter, Pomegranite Wheat Beer, German Weiss beer, Hard Apple Cider, Pumpkin Ale and Oatmeal Stout. A little bit of everything and I definitely wasn’t disappointed 🙂  Total Wine has the best selection, but World Market also offers ‘create your own’.  Either way it comes highly recommended.

TWO HOURS OF SLEEP ON A SATURDAY NIGHT: 5.  Depends what the distraction is.



  1. trader joe’s has create-your-owns too. Only they don’t charge you extra for the beers like total wine does (the vast majority are just a dollar). their selection is smaller, so that’s a negative, but their price is better. so…for their make-your-own-six-pack-beer:

    total wine 7
    world market 7.5 (little bit cheaper, less variety but more unusual beers)
    trader joes 8 (for price alone, ’cause I could almost get two for the price of one at total wine!)

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