Smiling Legs

BURNT SWEET POTATOES: 4. Just barely below average, as sweet potatoes are so delicious to begin with that even burnt I find myself excited. However, when you’re super pumped about a meal full of deliciously soft sweet potatoes and you’ve burned one side of all of them until they’re black, well, that’s just not that good. And i wouldn’t recommend it. Funny how it happens over and over again.

FORGETTING YOU HAVE A DOG AND NEED TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR HIM WHEN YOU GO OUT OF TOWN: 1.5.  How does that happen???  As I’m packing up my clothes for NYC the next three days I remember that I have nothing to do with Smurph.  Luckily my buddy works in the office of my apartment complex, and lives right next door so she’s gonna take him out for me.  Total hero 🙂

WEARING COLORFUL STOCKINGS AROUND THE HOUSE JUST FOR FUN: 7.5.  Packing for any event is a perfect excuse to play dress up.  So tonight I did 🙂 In addition to looking for the perfect ‘Stargirl’ outfit in my closet, i also decided to play dress up and put on all my favorite things together 🙂  This time it involved the colorful stockings I got at climbing last week.  Perfect time to try them out and make sure they’re ready for the big city… Plus, my downstairs neighbor couldn’t resist the request to make unusually large amounts of strenuous labor.

SMART DOGS: 9.  Bought these at Kroger about a week ago (and can’t remember why the heck I needed them I purchased these ‘Smart Dogs’.  Vegetarian hot dogs that I think are delicious, taste super similiar to the read deal, and check out the regular store ran. (Okay, so I went back and reread this morning and laughed out loud in my office.  I remembered falling asleep while blogging last night, but thought I got it together enough to publish my post.  Apparently not, as this rating proves.  I also have an unpublished post right now titled “dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd” from where I clearly fell asleep on the d key.  I need more sleep.)

OUTLOOK: 5. I know I should love it. It organizes all my mail, schedules my life, and overall makes things run smoother. However, I’ve begun to get a sick feeling in my stomach everytime I think about opening it up, totally due to how much work I know will be waiting inside… Rather than my action plan gettig smaller as the week goes on, I have a pretty serious inkling that tasks are reproducing like rabbits. I clearly need some protection for my action plan…


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