NYC Part 1

SECURITY AT RDU: 7.  While I was forewarned that security at RDU was pretty painful (rather than security at each wing, there’s only one for the entire airport), I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient they were.  While perhaps a bit pushy, it got the job done and we were through the line and ready to go in a total of about 5 minutes.  Definitely above average and would recommend to others.  However, it’s still just so awkward to try and take your shoes off, put all your stuff in separate bins, remember to take both your laptops out (and again, separate bins) and remove your belt.  I feel like every time I’m singlehandedly slowing everyone down.  So I tend to just laugh at myself and make it hard for anyone to get mad.  It worked 🙂


VIEWS FROM THE PLANE:  8.5.  There is nothing quite like watching the sun set from a plane window.  You can see everything and it lights up the entire horizon.  If only the windows weren’t so small and I didn’t feel like a total creep staring at the guy to my back left as I tried to look out his window… totally worth it though, and I enjoyed the entire sunset.


After arriving in NYC I immediately dropped my stuff off at our hotel (which I’ll rate once the visit is over… so far I’m totally impressed) and headed out to explore the big city.  Julia joined me and as we turned the corner right next to our hotel door we saw the Dave Letterman sign!  I’m wondering if my big goal of the week (at least one celebrity spotting) might be met after all.  Enough stalking outside the studio and you never know who we might see!  Anyways, once Julia headed back to the hotel I continued to explore and saw some interesting things…


MOBILE OFFICE: 5.  Seriously, this guy has an entire office set up in his rather small car.  You can definitely see the computer and the flower vase, but if you look really close you can see the PRINTER set up on a desk that’s clearly replaced the passenger seat.  Are you kidding me?!?  This is either completely crazy or absolutely brilliant.  Haven’t decided which one yet which makes it a 5, but the fact that it made me laugh out loud pushes it up to a 6.


“HOT GIRLS MAKE GREAT CLOTHES” BILLBOARD: 2.  Are you serious?  I saw this, several stories high, in the middle of Times Square.  Could you possibly be less discrete with using sex to sell your clothes.  This is possibly one of the most absurd billboards I’ve ever seen.  I wonder how many idiots actually believe that’s who makes the clothes.  Would be an interesting survey. 


DESIGNER BAGS- ONLY $10!: I don’t even know what to rate this.  If you’re really looking for a designer bag your rating would probably be pretty low.  If you think it’s funny that their advertisement is written in marker on a fluorescent board and says ‘Designer Bags’ your rating would probably be pretty high.  If you don’t really care about designer purses at all but find the sign entertaining, it’d be a 5.  So we’ll go with that.

OBAMA & MCCAIN CONDOMS: 9.  It’s official that both campaigns are now targeting every audience they can get their hands on.  Including those out and about at 12 am looking for some condoms.  Might as well take advantage of this opportunity to push your candidate.  Encouraging safe sex and voting all at once?  Sounds good to me. If I knew the maker and safety testing it’d earn a 10.  Without that it’d make me a little nervous.


TERIYAKI BOY: 9.  Found this ‘Japanese Fast Food’ restaurant right off of Times Square, and as I looked at their menu I felt just like I was back in Japan.  All the classics including soba, udon, and the best part, CURRY!  Anyone who knew me when I lived in Japan knows how obsessed I was with Japanese curry.  And since moving to the states the only place I’ve found some as good is at Epcot.  However, I stumbled upon this place and got super excited.  Minus 1 point because they don’t take credit cards, but I left to get cash and when I came back they were closed but reopened the kitchen just to make me my curry.  Made my night.  I love good people and good curry J


Until tomorrow, enjoying the aftertaste of curry and thoughts of more city adventures.





  1. BUSH & MCCAIN CONDOMS You get a 1 for calling Obama… Bush. There is no reason you should mess that up… I could understand if you called McCain Bush. You got 1 point since you were posting this at 1 in the morning, after a night on the town in NYC.

  2. Love that the guy has a whole vase of flowers in his car…and it is a ragtop, allowing for not only a window in his office, but an outdoor office space. Seems brilliant. Yet obsessive in either not able to leave work, or very financially aware to save on the costs of office space!

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