Bringing back the tights, plus a little NYC randomness

TFA POWERPOINTS: 2.  While teaching my kids last year I titled my PowerPoint unit ‘Death by Powerpoint: How to Avoid It and Wow Audiences in the Process’ based off of an awesome slideshow I found on  All I have to say is TFA presenters could really use some help with theirs.  I realize there’s a ton to cover, but if you’re telling it all to me anyways (AND including it in handouts we’re taking with us and looking at during the presentation) there is absolutely no reason you need to have an entire chapter per slide.  And no pictures.  I know we’re anti cliché teacher pictures, so use some real ones of the Corps.  SOMETHING to spice it up, engage audiences and stop breaking all our eyes as we try and see from the back.

NYC DELIS: 9.  They’re EVERYWHERE, and have so much deliciousness to offer (I seriously love this word… I’m pretty sure it can apply to anything).  Sandwiches (hot and cold), salads, gorgeous desserts, and coffee for only $.80.  Only point off is for the lecture I got along with my coffee (apparently three packets of artificial sweetener is going to kill me.  He did the math and everything to prove how soon I was going to die.  I played along and pretended like I would give it up, but really?)

CATCHING UP WITH OLD HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS: 10.  I love seeing Sarah Martin.  A good friend from HS, we both ended up doing TFA after college.  While I don’t get to see her often throughout the year, it’s always like no time has passed when we meet up.  This surprise visit was no exception (which could easily brach off to a rating of Facebook, without which she wouldn’t have even known I was in the city, and I would have had no clue she was working for TFA… we’ll save that rating for another time, as it’s probably a whole lot more complicated than that).  Our visits have been accompanied by wine and fondue in Paris, incredibly Colonial Park diner food in Harrsiburg, and now delicious Pumpkin Ale in NYC.

NY PRICES: 2.  Aside from the delis I don’t know how anyone affords to live here.  I’ve thought about it before, but am totally stressed out after being here for a day.  I can’t even think about how much this trip will ending up costing me despite the reimbursements.  It’s all the little stuff, like a cab when you’re traveling with a bunch of luggage, expensive food, souvenirs, etc.  I can’t imagine the stress of doing it every day!!!  So to save money on the way home from dinner I grabbed a six-pack of Bud Light for the girls and it only cost $6.  Beats the $6.95 PER BEER I paid at dinner.

CRUSOE: 8.5 One of the highlights of my trip.  My big goal was to meet a celebrity and it happened right near our hotel!  There’s a new show coming out called ‘Crusoe’ and to get publicity they created a tree house on the streets of NY City and the star is camping out there.  We passed by him every time we walked anywhere, so I quickly made him my BFF.  We chatted with him for a while, I got a hug, autograph, picture and e-mail address, but he did bail on coming to get a drink with us (something about it not being allowed, but that sounds like an excuse to me).  Which takes off a point and a half.  All in all I might be in love.

STORE FULL OF COWBOY BOOTS: 9.  Are you kidding me??? What could be better?  Only downside is they’re all out of my price range (see earlier rating on NYC prices).

BRINGING BACK THE AWESOME TIGHTS: 9.  The city LOVED them.  Julia was keeping count of how many people checked them out.  While it could be possible that they weren’t impressed and just thought it was weird, I’m pretty sure it was because they loved them.  Had 4 people actually stop me on the street to tell me how much they loved them.  Only reason it’s not a 10 is because I have this horrible fear of getting a run and not being able to rock them out anymore.

THE GUYS WHO THINK KIDS ARE DUMB: 4.  Pretty ridiculous they said this out loud after knowing that we were all teachers.  But none the less, as we were watching the debate in a bar they said out loud that kids are dumb.  However, I then told them they owed us a drink for making such a ridiculous comment and they bought us all drinks.  I guess the French BI pays well…

THIS FACE: 7.  This is what you get when you call kids dumb.  And are just overall ignorant.

DUDE WITH A CAT ON HIS HEAD: As we were talking to Crusoe for the fourth time of the night, this dude walked by.  With a cat on his head.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  This picture is legit.  I guess that’s what happens when you hang out in Times Square in the middle of the night.  7 for weirdness, 4 for entertainment.  At first I thought it was cool but then he made me pay a dollar to even pet the thing.  Seriously?  Yeah, and I fell for it.  Total sucker.

M&M BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE: 8.5.  This movie style billboard is AWESOME.  Kept me highly entertained last night, and somehow I ended up with like 10 different pictures of it.  Clearly I really enjoyed it.  I kinda wish it had sound…

MEETING TWO RANDOM GUYS FROM TARGET: 7. The second place we went we met these two guys who work at the downtown Target, and they were super nice.  They even line danced with me at the next place which earns some serious points.  The one guy took off his watch at the first bar and I grabbed it on the way out to make sure he didn’t forget it, and found it still on my wrist long after we left them at the end of the night.  They were fabulous but the guilt is killing me and I have no way to get in touch with them, so that definitely colors the rating.

OUR NYPD FRIENDS: 5.  Stopped over to find out info. about a potential diner and made some friends.  Chatted for a while and got a picture then headed off to find the diner.  Ended up being forever away, and when we came back with their chocolate chip pancakes they were gone.  A little disappointing, but somehow Julia got their pancakes to them, so hopefully their night ended well.  And at least we got the picture.

PANCAKE HOUR: 4.  I want to preface this by saying that this is solely my rating of pancake hour.  I highly encourage any addendum ratings by others who were there.  However, my omelette with avocado was slightly disappointing, they served it with fries instead of breakfast potatoes, I got distracted by a phone call, AND I ended up with horrible stomach cramps that left me in tons of pain for the incredibly long 15 blocks home.  Impressed I made it.

QT (Quality Time) WITH THE GIRLS OUTSIDE OF WORK: Priceless.  Sorry, just seemed like an appropriate finish to all the numerical ratings of the day.  Some things just can’t be quantified.  And getting to know a little more about Julia and Sonya’s ‘country’ personalities may just be the best part of my NY adventures J

I have absolutely no idea what we're rating here...

Stay tuned… last day of the trip will be rated tomorrow 🙂



  1. WHOA! Majorly impressed with the goings-ons of New York! Probably the bright spot of my day (up until this point anyway!)
    Fav’s of the post:
    -In the “this face” rating- the fact that both of you are double-fisting
    -The fact that you don’t know what you’re rating in some of your pictures
    -the LENGTH! love it. 🙂

  2. My digital watch recently broke and I can’t use my fossil one because it scratches up the macbook when I type. Can you at least pass on the watch that you accidentally pilfered to a poor friend in debt who needs a watch just like that? Just sayin’ it’s a way to make lemonade.

  3. I WANT TO GO TO NYC WITH YOU!!!! I like the guy with a cat on his head. I had a cat on the end of my shoe the other night but I was kicking him to BG. HA! Just kidding. Wow, that was messed up. Also, love the tights! You can totally get away with that stuff in NY. 🙂

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