How Well Do You Really Know Me…

So we’re gonna try something a little bit different today.  After visiting the NC State Fair Saturday night (for those of you from NC you already understand the seriousness of the fair, for those of you from Harrisburg, picture the Farm Show, outdoors, with half as much ‘other’ stuff with animals and plants, etc. and 20x as much food) I have a TON of things to rate.  But to make it a little more interesting I’m going to rate a couple, and I’m then going to leave the rest open to guess ratings.  I’d love to hear what you all think the rating is… we’ll see how this works as a step closer to our first guest rating (which I know you’re all anxiously awaiting, and if nothing falls through could happen as early as tomorrow…).

NC STATE FAIR: 7.  Overall it definitely earns a high rating and comes pretty highly recommended.  If you’ve never been and live nearby, GO!  Be prepared for intense crowds, but in my mind it makes for some of the most fascinating people watching ever.  However, for the past couple of years I took a group of kids from my school, and there is absolutely nothing scarier than trying to keep track of a group of middle schoolers in this crowd.  Going with adults, who in the worst case can find their own way home, is WAY more enjoyable.  The food was good (and plentiful) and the weather was that perfect fall temperature where you have to start bundling up in fleeces and hoodies, yet another reason I love the fall.  Only downside to that was it was too cold to wear my fun tights…


NC STATE ICE CREAM: 9.  While I had every intention of enjoying plenty of fried delicacy to last the year, I got sucked in when I saw some people walking around with bowls of ice cream.  It appears NC State students made (I think) their own ice cream and were selling it there.  Being the huge sucker for ice cream that I am, I couldn’t resist.  And it turned out to be the best deal at the fair.  For only $4 I got this huge bowl of Cookies and Cream ice cream.  I’m not sure exactly why I got cookies & cream, even though they had both of my staples (Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) but overall I was highly satisfied.  Could have done with more oreos in it though…


 COMING HOME WITH THE LAST PIECE TO MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME: 10!  After looking through my stuff and piecing together my Stargirl outfit in my head, it appeared I had most of the pieces.  Except for a ukulele, that is.  I’ve mentioned it to some friends and asked them to keep their eyes out for one, but so far no luck.  Until now.  We walked by a ton of different games with all kinds of prizes, and naturally I got super excited when I saw one with ukuleles hanging from the roof!!!  I immediately went over and attempted to negotiate a deal where I could purchase ones instead of attempting to hit a star with a dart, but apparently that’s a no go.  So I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out the best deal for however many darts I could get for the best price.  By the time I finally handed over the money (I went with 3 for $5 figuring if i missed I could try again, rather than risking 8 for $10) the guy beside me had won one and handed it to me!  I had mentioned to him earlier that if he got one I was going to pay him to win one for me, but apparently he didn’t want a ukulele nearly as bad as I did and just handed it over.  So I ended up with my ukulele without having to throw even one dart.  I love it 🙂



Now it’s your turn 🙂









(Are we noticing a theme with food and fried things?  This is exactly why everyone loves the State Fair…)

Can’t wait to read them!!! 

Off to New Orleans tonight, and then DC for the rest of the week.  A little exhausted just thinking about all the travel but overall really pumped about getting back to AU!



  1. The Sweet “Potatoe” Fries get a 2, should be a zero for the misspelling but it seemed fitting for the fair and the chance to laugh at Dan Quayle once again, earns it a couple points.

    Janice eating that turkey leg with mustard all over her face, definitely an 8. Great entertainment value:)

    Janice missing Tuesday night climbing 4 weeks in a row = 0!! For shame!!! (I know that wasn’t one of the things to rate but hey, the power is fun:)!)

  2. FRIED OREOS: 1. Barf. Seriously, disgusting. I’m sure they taste great. I just can’t get over the idea of how bad they are for you. It’s a mental thing.

    JANICE’S ABILITY TO EAT GIANT TURKEY LEGS WITH GOOD TABLE MANNERS: 3. What table manners? If you have them, I haven’t seen them yet! Ohhh snap! Busted.

    ANDY’S FEELINGS ON MISSING THE FAIR W/ JANICE: 1. Totally bummed out. Stupid ankle.

  3. If we are rating the fairs sweet potato fries, I’m gonna have to rate that low… but if we are rating MY sweet potato fries that I made last night (cinnamon sugar, cracked pepper, and sea salt), is YUMMMMMMMMM a rating?!

  4. The best part of the giant turkey legs is channelling your inner caveman/cavewoman – table manners need not apply. I’ll give you a 7, it would be higher if there was MORE grease/turkey on your face….

  5. Mr. Ukelele kinda looks like Mario Lopez. Except not as hot. Fried oreos: 4. Gross. Had them, didn’t really like them. Wouldn’t recommend to friends.
    Giant turkey legs: 6.5. Good, but not great.

    NC State Ice cream: 9. Definitely deserves the rating. I LOVE IT, not to mention it comes from my Alma Mater. So, basically you can’t go wrong. 🙂 You can buy it every day of the week on campus, too. Although it looses a little of its sparkle when you don’t get it at the fair, its cheaper, so it evens out. I think I owe my Freshman 15 to State ice cream…

    Not going to the fair with janice? 2. 😦

    Enjoy New Orleans!

  6. Where’s the backwards sweatshirt? I’m not voting until I see that, but it is preemptively getting a 3 for ability to dress yourself and 8 for new style of fashion.

  7. NC State Fair: 8 The people were fabulous, people watching is entertaining, food was plentiful, the view from atop the ferris wheel was superb. It loses two points from being perfect b/c I couldn’t eat most of the food and I feel really badly for the people who work as carnies (spelling?).

    Onto the ones you wanted us to rate:
    Fried Oreos: 2 For how bad these things are for you they should really pack in a lot more flavor. I think your absolutely delicious NC State ice cream was the way to get your Oreo fill. You just should have texted me so I could have come and got some…

    Giant Turkey Legs: 4 They’re overpriced and I’m convinced the poor birds are on all kinds of drugs to get that big. The people who cook them probably also have lung cancer after a couple years of breathing all that smoke. I understand the flavor yields a good bit of utility for the purchasers, however, hence the 4.

    Watching you eat the giant turkey leg: 9 This was one of the best parts of the evening. I enjoyed the mustard all over your face and the fact that you nearly attacked Carla’s friends while meeting them and eating the turkey leg. Totally high quality. I had tears in my eyes through the process. I love you for exactly who you are: bold and with absolutely no shame 🙂 (j/k)

    The abundance of McCain/Palin stickers: 5 I really appreciate having people who are on both sides of the political spectrum so as to promote good conversation. I also think that there were arguably more people openly supporting Obama. Matter of fact, I think it was humorous how many people were wearing the stickers with NC leaning blue for the first time since Jimmy Carter. All in all, I’m pretty neutral on it. While I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one, I do respect people who are politically active. (I recognize I am giving the benefit of the doubt in assuming people have thought through the issues as compared to mindlessly wearing a sticker on the basis of one issue.)

    Sweet Potato Fries: 2 Given that I didn’t eat them I can’t comment on the ones at the State Fair, which would be the purpose here. I can, however, comment on the fact that they were selling them at the fair, which is positive, and that the advertisement was misspelled. Few things frustrate me like grammatical and spelling mistakes – especially in advertisements. At least it wasn’t a mistake with apostrophes. Those are the worst (i.e. egg’s for sale $1.25).

    Lauren being stellar enough to meet up with a friend at the fair, despite Janice saying it was one of the stupidest things Lauren had ever thought: 8 It took no more than a few minutes to find each other and we had an absolutely fabulous time. So there.

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