The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly… and a Video for Janice

(NOTE: This is the first guest rating EVER on ‘Rate Your World’, written by Richard as I’m in New Orleans… stay tuned for the most recent travel update 🙂 )

The Good – Carolina Sunset in the Fall: 7. I wish the picture would have captured what I saw, but I am sure that we have all been there. Sun setting on a beautiful fall day in Carolina, there is something so peaceful about it. I normally would rate this higher, but in my attempt to capture the colors while driving (yes, I know not a good idea), I captured some ugly traffic, power lines, and the picture quality is poor, so I have taken a point off for each of those.

More Good – Ellen’s Beer: 10. As rated by Ellen… let’s hope that she comments to let us know what kind it was and just how she came up with such a high rating.

The Bad – Trader Joe’s Pizza: 2. First of all, I should say that I know better than to go to the grocery store hungry.. I was on a mission to pick up some 3 Buck Chuck which I think we all rate at least a 7, for me more like an 8 or 9, but anyway I digress… While walking through Trader Joe’s I spot this pizza with a wonderful picture on the box… it looked good, so good in fact I bought 2 boxes. Could not wait to get home to have a slice of the heavenly pizza. Followed the instructions exactly and 20 minutes later when the buzzer went off, I opened the oven and was totally disappointed, it looked bad. If that was not bad enough, it didn’t taste any better.

The Ugly – Thanks to Claudia… oh you brave soul: 2. This is Claudia rating her own feet and she did not offer an explanation, so I will let the picture do the talking. I will take this opportunity to let you all know that Claudia did stick her shoes in my face and they no longer stink, thank goodness! I will rate that a 7, as from what I understand it could have been very bad… so I give it some extra points out of the joy they weren’t her old shoes. Claudia coming in 2nd in her triathlon I will rate a 9, way to go! Would have given it another point but I do not know how many women competed in it.

More Ugly – Trash at an intersection: 2. I really do not understand why some people feel the need to toss their trash on the side of the road. We see so much of it every day that we almost get to the point that we stop seeing it. I gave this 2 points instead of a zero, as I believe that this was left here by a person at this intersection who is in need. So, a couple of points for him and the person that gave him the food.

Climbing without Janice: 6. We all love climbing and if I was just rating that it would be much higher. If I were just rating climbing without Janice on one night it would be higher as well. Here I am taking into consideration that Janice has not joined us for 3 weeks… and so I rate it a 6.
So Janice, hurry back and here is a little video just for you… with a few attempts at your famous Ta-Da at the end.



  1. Richard, best guest rating ever. You’ve set a high bar, I’m not gonna lie. I’m sitting in my hotel room in New Orleans excited about how much fun we had here but totally missing you all. That video is incredible, and I can’t wait to return next week 🙂 Anyone else notice how all of those pictures involved me stuffing my face with something? I kinda love it…

  2. Numero uno… My feet rated a 2 because of all the nasty black stuff all over them thanks to the gloriously clean VE floor. Too bad the little black specks dont show up on the camera. Maybe it’s a good thing that they dont… it was gross.
    Numero dos (like my bilingualness?) I rate the video a 9.75…. -.25 for the misspelling of “you’re”, but overall, would highly recommend to others. Miss you Janice… come back soon…
    and Numero tres… 438 women competed in the tri. Go me

  3. The video totally rocked, U agree with Claudia’s rating:) and i love all the pics of Janice eating although I realized i’m in at least two of them, hmm….

    Actually Janice has officially missed 4 weeks of climbing in a row- I think she has to do extra pullups for that! The drive to climbing is a lot less fun by myself, I rank it a 5. I often talk on the phone on the way so it kind of evens out.

  4. It appears to me that your Tuesday climbing crew is more fun than the Sunday crew. We don’t make videos, we haven’t done “ta-da”s in months and we even made you fall asleep on the floor. Maybe you’re right that we’ll have to start racing or at least implementing “battle climbing.” Just to spice things up. You know, for the kids.

  5. Great post, I have to give the vid a 10. The pizza might suck at trader joes but I’ll tell you this, you won’t find better guacamole than the stuff they have there. You have to try it. They’re one of the only places that sells decent taquitos too.

    When I’m not climbing I don’t think I miss it that much but after watching that movie, I just want to go to the gym now. I think I miss the people as much as the climbing.

  6. Want to make climbing a little more interesting?
    Claudia had a great idea… Twister Climbing While the details are a little sketchy it goes something like this… Take a route with an excessive number of holds, and randomly mark each hold with one of 4 colors of tape (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow). Then have someone spin the spinner… Left hand blue. I could prove to be quite interesting, especially if two or more people were on the wall at the same time. The last person on the wall (or the first person to the top) wins!

  7. Kevin why aren’t you climbing??? Are you injured? We miss you! And I agree, the people at climbing totally rock, i give them a 10:) Definitely a big part of the reason i love climbing!

  8. dude. I was picturing Climging Twister on a wall similar to the bouldering wall. then you have a plethora (yes, a plethora) of choices. 2 people on a wall at a time might get sketchy though…

  9. Oh come on now Claudia who plays Twister by themselves. Twister is so much more fun when there is more than one person… then throw in climbing, a tall wall, harnesses, and ropes… well that just spells fun on a whole new level.

  10. Ok, I feel like some additional comments are in order regarding my rating of “Climbing Without Janice”.
    Climbing is a great activity which naturally rates high in my book. I rated it lower because Janice has not been there in so long and then bumped it up simply because we had a lot of fun rating things and of course doing the Ta-Da’s.
    Oh, yes and the new people asking what the rating cards were for, why the camera, and who is this Janice person?

  11. The beer was a tasty Allegash & I like a vat of it after climbing 🙂
    Richard, you are a superior guest poster & the video rocks.I like it even better than my beer.
    Claudia – triathlon – woo!
    Janice missing climbing is definitely below a 6.
    And if you do Team Twister it could be even more interesting

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