Hotel Internet…

is a little sketchy here in DC, and they’re charging me $10 if I wanna use it from my room.  So instead I’m here in the lobby stealing it real quick to update and hopefully get these videos online…

LACK OF FAMILIAR (OR SMILING) FACES AT AU: 3.  I was so excited to come back to AU, and am still excited to be in my old city, but it makes me a little sad how little I recognize on campus.  Claudia said it best tonight when she said that college is about the people and not the place.  It’s not quite the same without Jill, Hannah and Jenn around, without Family Five, and without all the other folks who made it so great.  Plus no one really seemed to be smiling (except the wonderful women at Pura Vida).  Maybe it’s cause they’re in the middle of midterms…

RICHARD’S ABILITY TO HELP ME WITH YOUTUBE: 8.  The videos are almost up!!!  They’re loading as we speak and I’ve been laughing out loud for a while here in the hotel lobby as I watch this karaoke over and over.  This is certainly the cure for any bad day you might have.

GETTING TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW: 7.  Super excited to maybe catch up on a little bit of sleep after getting up at 5am to drive up here.  Even though I’m using two vacation days to be here I’ve found myself doing work and losing even more sleep.  At least a couple extra hours tomorrow will make me feel a little bit better 🙂  That and my sisters gonna join me in the hotel.

Okay so the video finally made it on YouTube but weirdly enough it published the totally wrong part of it.  HOWEVER, the good news is this is a hilarious video of two of my kids from last year as they played with Photobooth on my computer.  For anyone who’s used Photobooth you know how much fun it can be.  Well they were HILARIOUS while messing around with it (while staying after school for homework help… clearly they’re working really hard).  I rate this video a 7.5.  I wish I had gotten the music to match better, but at least it’s a start.  Now that I know how to publish videos I’ll work on making better ones.  New videos to be posted soon 🙂


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