Integrity of Rate Your World

So, I’ve been rethinking some of my recent ratings and have decided to check myself.  It seems (and I admit this with a little hesistance), I may be overrating a tad.  Not my life, just some of the things in my life.  I’m finding that I haven’t put as much thought into things I like, but tend to just give it a 10 if I really like it.  Not giving enough reason as to why there’s actually nothing that could be improved.  

One example, and a re-rating if you will, would be the karaoke video posted yesterday.  For me, it was definitely a 10.  The real live experience was HILARIOUS, and every time I watch it I find myself laughing out loud.  However, I believe I overrated the actual video.  The singing quality should definitely take off some points (sorry Daniel, I’ve heard better from you), and it would have also been better if there was more audience involvement.  However, serious points given for the following:  pink wig, song choice, Cherice’s umbrella, and the oh-so-classic dancing.  So overall I would re-rate it an 8.  

I think before I was giving out too many 10’s because people considered things less than a 10 ‘bad’.  I’m hoping to renorm and emphasize that anything above a 5 is actually considered favorable, but that doesn’t mean I have to automatically give it a 10.  


That being said, it’s back to rating 🙂


One comment

  1. I think your tendency to overrate is a good thing, shows your positive outlook on life, which i totally rate a 10. I think an ability to find something great and 10-like in something most people would consider mundane or silly or wouldn’t even notice is what we should all do, makes life a heck of a lot more enjoyable:)

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