Back to the old stomping grounds

As I’m pretty sure I blogged about earlier (is it sad that I’m too lazy to actually go back and look?) I spent Thursday and Friday at American University, camping out in the student union building recruiting for TFA.  Most of the meetings were signed up for ahead of time, and I got to do a couple of class presentations.  A little sad by how few questions were asked (and realized a little bit how difficult it must be to be a college professor… the blank stares you see on half the faces was something I would have gotten SO frustrated with in a classroom.  Either way, definitely some things worth rating 🙂

CATCHING UP WITH OLD FRIENDS: 7.  A couple points off because not everyone do you genuinely care about catching up with, and small talk can sometimes be so draining.  HOWEVER, that being said I really enjoyed seeing how old members of Family Five were doing (my old floor Senior year… myself and two good friends were co-RAs on one of the best floors on campus).  That and I ran into a couple old students who were in my orientation groups over the years.  One in particular is hopefully gonna help out with a potentially awesome trip for a couple students come basketball season… top secret for now, but would be incredible if it happened.  One point off overall because when I run into people I really do enjoy seeing, it makes me wish for this ideal world where I could pick the location I love (Durham, clearly.  Or maybe Boone.) and populate it with all my favorites from all over.  When reuniting with people like Amy, Laiah, Joanne (my best friend from Harrisburg who I got to see while in Frederick), Susanna, Daniel, Cherice and others recently, it really makes me miss having them in my life and wishing I could get them all in one place.  Once every couple of years just doesn’t seem to do it.  


‘LIBERAL BEANS’: 9.  While chatting with Amy and Laiah, Laiah told me a funny story about the RA who replaced us after we graduated.  So apparently he was pretty conservative and one day she was cooking edamame in the lounge kitchen and she offered him some.  He refused, saying that he was not interested in any of her ‘liberal beans’.  I think this may be my new favorite phrase.  I wonder if I went into the local Harris Teeter and asked for some ‘liberal beans’ they’d know what I was talking about.  I think this might be an experiment waiting to happen.


JOHN MCCAIN’S BOOK IN THE $3.99 BIN: 6.  Slightly sad for him, and I genuinely do support his right to publish a book.  That and for others to read it and maybe even agree with him.  But still made me laugh to see it in there so close to the election.  Isn’t this when people normally want to read up on the candidates?  Maybe this should be a low rating on the apathy of the American public right about now.  But at least it wasn’t Obama’s book 🙂



THIS GUY’S PURSE: 4.  Friday night my sister joined me in Bethesda (where my hotel was) and we headed out to grab some dinner. While walking around we saw this…


I think my sister may have been slightly embarassed by my sketchy/stalkerish behavior as I got this picture, but I think it was worth it.  I’ve never seen a guy with a purse quite like this one.  At first I liked it because it reminded me of the fanny pack, but then I got over it because it’s not actually a fanny pack.  And it’s kinda funny looking.  I think he could own it a little bit more to be honest.

GAS PRICES DOWN SOUTH: Before I rate this I have to be transparent on my struggle with gas ratings.  The lower it gets, I get more excited and want to give a higher rating, but at the same time it could always get lower, so what do the numbers actually mean?  Help on this one would be much appreciated.  In the meantime, I paid $2.49 here and $2.25 at a WaWa on the way back home.  Gotta be at least an 8.  Filled up my tank for a little over $30.  Made my weekend.


COMIC STRIP MY MOM CUT OUT FOR ME: 8.  How fitting.  I got super excited when I read it (the rating system is spreading!!!), however as you all know two key pieces to any great rating are 1) transparency and 2) context.  He didn’t really give either… In their defense though they did only have two little boxes, and not a whole blog. 

SUPER pumped to finally be biking to work again tomorrow!  It’s been three weeks of craziness and my life is finally back to normal.  I can’t wait to get back to it 🙂



  1. I am so glad I made it on your blog TWICE! It was so good to see you, too. And the picture didn’t turn out so bad either! (even if I look super jasian :D) Love!

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