Pumpkin Carving!!!

FALL WEATHER: 9.5. When walking Murph after work today it smelled like fall, felt like fall (cold enough where you almost needed gloves but not quite), and looked like fall (the leaves are changing AND falling!). I could go on (as you all know) but either way the only thing keeping it from a 10 was the 30 minute period of rain in the afternoon. Which meant I was going to have to ride home in the cold weather in the rain. Not quite as doable as pouring rain in 90 degree weather. Until Lauren offered to come pick me up. That earns an 8 for sure (-1 for my laziness, -1 for her getting lost on the way there).

SCOTT’S PUMPKIN PATCH:3. I love the way it looked, all set up and fally in front of Krogers. Driven by several times thinking I needed pumpkins. In fact, I may even credit Scott with inspiring the pumpkin-carving party. However, pumpkins were overpriced and the warty ones were even more expensive! Not a fan of people who take serous advantage of fall to make money.

KROGER’S PUMPKINS: 6. We then walked over to Kroger where it was still overpriced, but at least better than Scott’s. Plus, the pumpkins were all really nicely shaped. Mine especially ๐Ÿ™‚

We got them home and joined up with Katie, Charlie, Jordan and Brian, some faves from Park Ridge. It was pretty fabulous teamwork if I do say so myself as we cut, cleaned, carved and cooked all at the same time. Charlie was the brilliant chef behind the delicious pumpkin seeds, while Katie, Brian and I were the artists behind the impressive pumpkins.

COOKED PUMPKIN SEEDS: 7. Great snack, great use of something you would otherwise throw out, and they kinda reminded me of popcorn. A tiny, little bit burnt which could have been improved, and overall weren’t the most delicious thing I’ve ever had, but I definitely would recommend them to others- especially if Charlie’s cooking.


MINE:8. Didn’t choose the most difficult design, but it does go with my costume and looked pretty good when done. After Murphy took a bite out of her dress and I had to make her bigger it definitely went down to a 5, but I’m sticking with my original score.

BRIAN’S:7.5. He clearly came with slightly more experience, which was to be expected, and more prepared. We were going to attack them with my kitchen knives but he saved the day with his orange pumpkin carving knife. The idea was original and I liked it a lot once I figured out what it was. But that took a minute… which loses some points. Guesses as to what you think it might be?

KATIE’S: 8. Considering that most of hers was actually done with the original knives and not the pumpkin carver earns some extra points. I also love the NC pride ๐Ÿ™‚ For those of you who don’t know her, it’s also going to look fabulous in her entirely too beachy apartment. Not especially seasonable though…

All in all I’d say we did pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. 8- For having a pumpkin carving get together. Always fun. 2- for the actual pumpkins. Although, the pumpkins are well shaped and well carved. I think they are all entirely too happy. IT’S HALLOWEEN, not Christmas. Demons, Devils, Witches, Goblins, Monsters… Anyway, my guess on the mystery pumpkin is a little man dancing in the stars?

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