Climbing Laziness and Sheetz Coffee

THE VIEW: 8.  The leaves are starting to change… I can’t wait for some more color!

THE AWKWARD NOISE LEVEL AT VERTICAL EDGE: 2.  When you walk in to the gym and feel weird talking because you’re interrupting the silence, there’s something wrong.  We’re at a climbing gym people, not a library!  It wasn’t even that there weren’t a lot of people there.  There were.  It’s just they were all quiet.  I think the real problem is that Lisa wasn’t there…

MEN WHO THINK THEY’RE TOO ‘COOL’ FOR A HALLOWEEN COSTUME: 2.  Halloween comes but once a year friends, and if you’re going to waste it then I’m not going to waste a high score on you.  While theme parties, thank god, allow the spirit of Halloween to live on longer than just one day, I’m still a firm believer in living it up.  Yet at the gym when I invited folks to our Halloween party I found THREE people who were ‘too cool’ or ‘too old’ to have a costume idea.  Really guys.  Really.  Get over yourself.  But have no fear.  I’m on it.  And you better believe I’m gonna do whatever I can to get them costumed by Friday.

(If you look closely you can see all three of them in this picture)


CLIMBING MOTIVATION: 3.  Oh boy.  Tonight was a bit of a disaster.  It was nice to be back to Tuesday night climbing, however I quickly realized while Times Square and Bourbon Street may have been good for the spirit they certainly weren’t good for the body.  Between the bike ride to work yesterday and climbing tonight it is becoming very clear I’m getting out of shape.  I had more fun laying on the mats tonight than I did not getting to the top of all the oranges in the gym.  Awesome.  Although this picture shows I’m not the only one…


SHEETZ ON ALEXANDER DRIVE IN DURHAM: 10.  I’m about to make this rating description way longer than it needs to be… bear with me.  So most of the people I work with are out of the office this week for selection so I decided to work from home on Wednesday.  A lot of times I get my best work done late at night so after climbing I headed to Sheetz to pick up a giant coffee, then head home to work for a couple hours.  The one downside of Sheetz is that they don’t have skim milk for your coffee, so I decided it was worth asking for some.  The woman went out of her way to the back to get me a cup of skim milk which was awesome to start with.  Then I headed to the register and asked to speak with a manager.  Just wanted to let them know they were doing something right and I really appreciated the help.  Turned out the manager was the one who got me the milk, but then I got out my wallet to pay and the dude was like “You’re all set”.  I said to him “No, I haven’t paid yet!” and he goes “You’re all set :)”.  So not only did they hook me up with the perfect coffee but then gave it to me for free.  I love this Sheetz.  You better believe I’ll be returning 🙂



  1. From the coffee guys at Sheetz HQ. Thanks for the kind words!
    Some good news; skim milk as a cream option will be coming to all the Sheetz stores in NC soon, like by January 1. It will be on the fixing island so you won’t need to ask any longer.
    Have a Great Day!

  2. YESSS. Love for Sheetz. Last I checked, they also give out free coffee on Christmas. Always worth a stop! Other gas stations leave me feeling empty, even when my gas is then full.

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