Painful AT&T Experience

AT&T STORE ON FRANKLIN STREET: 2. AT&T needs some etiquette lessons from Sheetz, that’s for sure. Today I had potentially one of the worst customer service experiences EVER. My mom and I have been working on getting my iPhone onto her family plan for a little while now, and she’s made a ton of calls and gone into several stores. It’s funny how every time they tell you something a little bit different every time, and are always directing you to a different person. After a lot of hassle they finally told my mom that to finish it up I needed to go into a store to change my number. As soon as I walked in she insisted she couldn’t do anything for me and gave me a number to call. When I walked out and called my mom she told me to go back in and put her on the phone with the woman I just talked to. I can’t blame her for being frustrated after all we’d already gone through, and as she was talking to this woman the sales rep was rolling her eyes and eventually put the phone down and rudely said “I guess I don’t work at AT&T.” I couldn’t believe how rude she was being!!! I then said ‘That’s my mom on the phone- you could be a little more polite” and she yelled at me and stormed off. She then said to the manager loudly “I need to see YOU in the back.” Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I felt so uncomfortable and just wanting to escape a situation. Eventually the manager came back out and helped me, and fixed the situation, never really openly acknowledging how embarassingly rude this woman was. And clearly he proved her wrong when he did exactly what I had come in asking for. Eventually he did give me a $50 credit to my account which earned them these two points. But seriously, NEVER GO THERE. They made me want to cry.

CLIMBING WALL IN MY APARTMENT: 8. Hell yeah. Doesn’t really get better than having your own homemade hang board in the middle of your living room. I can’t wait to get the foot holds up on the edges so I can actually climb up rather than having to stand on a bench that makes my feet cramp up. So that’s minus a point, plus all the damage in the walls I’ll have to deal with when I take it down. Maybe I’ll just have to stay here forever…

KATIE’S TECHNIQUE ON THE CLIMBING WALL IN MY APARTMENT: 1. Clearly she needs to come to more Sunday morning climbs with me…

CITY BEV OPEN MIC NIGHT: 7. I love that the local bar has open mic on Wednesday nights. I love even more the large assortment of pretty attractive guys who choose to play there. It’s funny how a 6 or 7 can instantly become an 8 or a 9 when they pick up a guitar and start singing. Pictured below is my fave. I might be his number one fan. However I must admit I miss Clare who played here a month ago. Despite not being a cute boy. She was incredible.

CHAZ AND YOGAMAZING: 9. I totally love Chaz! These free Yoga podcasts found on the iTunes music store are great. He has classes for all different things (balance, Golf, stress, etc.) and they’re all the perfect length (between 20-40 minutes). Plus, did I mention they’re free??? They got me through my first year of teaching, and taking his class again today made me super happy. Definitely going to have to become a more frequent part of my routine. Check it out 🙂



  1. you are too funny! and yes, that store SUCKS. I experienced a similar thing when I got here wanting to take my phone out of my grandmother’s name from when I was in college. You would have though I had asked them to walk around on their hands for the rest of the day. ugh.

    also, go download a free program, it’s called irfanview. it will help you shrink your photos to a reasonable blog size. I use it ALL the time.

  2. Awesome climbing wall in your apt, say goodbye to your deposit. Still great though! Customer service is really struggling nowdays, I was going to say think about that girls job, all she probably deals with is people complaigning about their service. That still is no excuse for how you and your mom were treated.

  3. Wow, that really upsets me. Next time you go to have something done with your phone, take me along. I LOVE dealing with awesome people like that. It allows me to release my “inner-a-hole” towards someone that deserves it.

    On a side note, I thought we didn’t rate people? “It’s funny how a 6 or 7 can instantly become an 8 or a 9 when they pick up a guitar and start singing. “ 😀

  4. that’s bullshit, I would have been close to punching her in the face… I went through the exact same thing, trying to get my iphone off my mom’s thingy and I had no problems. NC ATTs suck! hope you never have to go through that again.

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