Squash Enchiladas and Some Pitiful Tennis

TONIGHT’S TENNIS MATCH: 3.  It was pitiful to say the least.  Lauren insisted on a rematch, so Brian and I teamed up against her and Jon.  While we managed to kick their butts last time, this time was a little bit different… Jon got rid of the hurky style serve (which was good for both our winning and my perpetual entertainment) and actually got some in.  Lauren decided to stop hitting them long and instead sharp cross court, making it impossible for me to get.  Brian decided to try out Lauren’s game and sailed one into the woods, while I was too busy seeing how many tennis balls could fit into my oversized sweatpants (7 for anyone who’s curious).  It’s really no wonder we lost…

SQUASH ENCHILADAS: 10.  Brian then decided to cook us all dinner, and I must say this was genuinely one of the best home cooked meals I”ve had in a really long time.  Whole wheat tortillas with a butternut squash filling, covered with salsa and cheese, it had just the right amount of spiciness and was uber satisfying.  HIGHLY recommended.  Maybe this is what I’ll cook for Thanksgiving when I get to host my family for the first time ever in my adult life 🙂

BURNING THE TOP OF YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE YOU CAN’T RESIST STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH THE DELICIOUS SMELLING ENCHILADAS: 4.  A little painful, and slightly sad because it slows down the eating, it still seems to be worth it because the food was so good.  And every single of one of us managed to do it.  Even after watching the person before us suffer.  Weird how we somehow thought the intense heat would have no effect on our mouths.

MURPHY’S SQUISHED NOSE: 7.  It might be one of my favorite things about him.  Makes him super adorable, especially when it’s all squished up while he’s sleeping.  However a major downer is he struggles to keep up running in heat and he snores pretty bad sometimes.

WHITE LADDER: 9.  Last night at City Bev we got to talking about albums, and the lost art form they are.  Which reminded me how much I heart the full White Ladder album by David Gray.  It’s beautiful, chill and distinctive.  I can immediately tell when it’s David and not someone else and I totally value that.  ‘This Year’s Love’ is particularly good.  If you are also mourning the loss of the album, go on to iTunes music store and buy this one.  Or the store.  Either way, you should do it.  I’ll guarantee you’ll love it or I’ll give you a full refund… how I’m not quite sure, but I’m so confident you’ll love it that I don’t even really care.  ENJOY!

Happy almost Halloween!  I can’t wait for ‘Dress as Your Favorite Book Character’ at work tomorrow.  I love being on the Sunshine Committee 🙂


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