Happy Halloween!

I’m pretty sure I said this last week but for Halloween I decided to go as Stargirl, my favorite book character. I had the outfit (two actually, one for Friday at work and one for Friday night at Andy & BG’s party/Glenwood Ave.), the ukulele and the magic tights. What more do you need for a successful Halloween?

OFFICE PARTICIPATION IN ‘DRESS AS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER DAY: 2. And the 2 is for me. Cause I went all out. Ukulele and all. The -8 is for the rest of the office. Not one of them showed up in costume. It’s Halloween people. Made me a little bit sad.

ROCKING THE TIGHTS FOR YET ANOTHER NIGHT: 10. I love them. A lot. Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and am just generally a little bit happier with life. Friday night, being Halloween and all, I got to rock them yet again. And sadly enough I have no pictures to show for it 😦 Lauren took some on her camera so I’m hoping to steal them and get them up here shortly.

BG/JANICE TEAM ON THE BEER PONG TABLE: 9. Not only are we incredible at beer pong, but we’re also hilarious and absurdly good looking. A team that can’t be beat. And Friday was no exception. We completely dominated and took a win on every single game. Some pretty embarassing for the other team. What a great way to start my Halloween 🙂

DISCOVERING THE NEXT DAY THAT MY CAMERA SCREEN WAS CRACKED: 1. The good news is the camera still takes pictures (I think… the flash went off but I haven’t tried to upload them yet). The bad news is that the screen is broken so I can’t see the shot before I take the picture, and I can’t check afterwards to see if it came out okay. What a bummer. I’m hoping my warrantly from Target will cover it. I’ll have to look up the policy and see what kind of damage is covered before coming up with a great story that doesn’t involve Halloween and Glenwood Ave…

CARRIE’S PUMPKIN SPICE DIP: 7.5. How I ended up without a picture of this is beyond me. When heading to Carrie and Matt’s ‘Housewarming/Birthday Party’ on Saturday night I was definitely sure to bring my camera (although broken) and the rating cards. I knew Richard, Lisa and Carrie would all be severely disappointed if I didn’t rate anything while there. But somehow I ended up with no pictures… so sad. Carrie, if you have a picture of the pumpkin dip you could send along that would be awesome. Or even better, the recipe!!!

RICHARD’S COWBOY BOOTS: 9. SO excited to show up and see Richard rocking the cowboy boots. Seriously thought I was the only person around here into wearing them with all outfits at all times, but apparently I’ve got a partner 🙂 I LOVE IT.

LINENS & THINGS ‘GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE: 2.5. As I was driving around the other day there was a guy standing on the corner holding a sign advertising Linens & Things ‘Going out of Business Sale’, that clearly said “Everything in the store… 40% off!” Considering how overpriced these stores usually are, and considering I love how many things I can find there I never knew I needed, I figured this was the sale for me. Headed over there this afternoon and was SUPER disappointed. It turns out it’s actually 10-40% off (with the 10 in size ten font and the 40 in size forty, bold font), and when you walk around the store I’m not sure I ever actually saw a 40% off on anything. Almost everything was 10% off, which considering how expensive everything is didn’t really bring it down to my price range. What a bummer.

GIN RUMMY 500: 7. Mark and I played at least one hand of Gin Rummy 500 every single day of our Freshman year of college. Who knows how we got that much time, but we kept a running score that I still have in a box somewhere in my house. It’s no fun when you actually end at 500, but either way I love this game. Coming back to my place after Carrie’s party on Saturday and playing it for the first time in a couple of years was awesome. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

MURPHY’S COACHING AT 500: 1. I’ll give him a 1 for effort, but other than that he didn’t help us out much. If anything his shenanigans around the apartment distracted focus and hurt our game. But try he did, so you gotta give him a little credit.



  1. Star girl was a hit! Although nobody knew who you were. And yes, we were a dominating force on the beerpong table (as always). Also, you forgot to mention our sobering, nipple-hardening walk to the bars from my place when you got antsy. I rated that a 1 (with picture evidence), although I rated your hitchhiking skills a 6.

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