Wine Contraptions and Leftover Halloween Ratings

THE BOYS’ ATTEMPT AT HANDING OUT CANDY: 4.  I suppose it’s the thought that counts, but a bucket on the front porch?  Really?  And Mike & Ikes???  No wonder we saw about 7 trick or treaters the whole night.  So much for the full candy bars that Andy originally talked about handing out…



BG’S COSTUME: 6.5.  I love the creativity of the idea.  However execution could have been a little better.  However if there’s one thing I realized this Halloween is that a poorly executed creative costume is ten times better than an awesomely executed boring idea.  So that being said, I liked it.

THE CHEAP PICKUP LINES THAT WENT WITH IT: 4.  The pickup lines that went with it, however, got a little old.  There’s only so many times you can invite someone to the ‘party’.  Nice effort though buddy 🙂


CAB RIDE HOME: 2.  Oh boy.  The walk to the bars was a trip, and earned a 1, but the cab ride home may have been even more interesting…  We grabbed a cab right outside the bar which was awesome.  The driver was actually a pretty cool woman who ended up telling us she would give us her card and any time we needed a cab we could just give her a call.  I’m pretty sure by the end of the ride she didn’t feel the same way…  It wasn’t really our fault.  The last time I was in a cab was in NYC, and of course they take credit cards.  So I only assumed that the cabs in Raleigh would too.  Well, for those of you who didn’t already know this, apparently Raleigh is not NYC.  Because cabs do not take credit cards.  We realized this about 2 minutes from the house, and then spent another 10 minutes driving around trying to find an ATM.  When we were unsuccessful Andy told her to pull over the cab (which she did) and mumbled something that I eventually figured out was his brilliant idea to just bail.  I felt horrible about that so I tried to convince her to take a check, which she refused to do.  So our only options were to just peace out, or try to come up with another, more creative, alternative solution.  So we ended up at a gas station where we filled up her gas tank.  The good news was that it was already pretty full so it cost less than it would have if we had actually paid.  Needless to say the cabbie did NOT give us her card.  I’m not sure I blame her…

Like I said.  It wasn’t really our fault.


THIS INTERESTING WINE CONTRAPTION: 3.  Carrie’s party on Saturday was BYOB so i ended up bringing a bottle of white wine.  When I asked her for a bottle opener this is what I got.  Seriously?  Pretty sure I needed an instruction manual to figure out how to get the bottle open.  Eventually I had someone else do it for me.  Earns three points cause it’s cool to watch and once you know how to use it it might make it easier, but it sure did make me feel like an idiot…


THE FACT THAT I WAS CARRYING AROUND STARGIRL IN MY PURSE: 8. I love my deceptively large purse 🙂  So why wouldn’t I carry around a good book in it?  Yeah, my thoughts too. 


Night friends.



  1. I’ll get you the picture of the dip tomorrow. 🙂 AND the recipe.

    funny thing about that wine bottle opener—well two really. I wanted one so badly last christmas that I ended up with TWO! one from Matt and one from his mom. Kind of funny but embarrassing ’cause his mom saw me open the one from matt and thought I had gotten into my stocking early. This earned a 5, losing all those points for the shades of red I turned.

    the other thing is that once you open, oh, three or four bottles of wine? that there newfangled contraption gets an 8. SO much easier that balancing the other openers or having to resort to using weird torque and angles to open the damn thing. It lost a point for how not compact it is (no travelling with that guy!) and another point because it’s made of plastic.

  2. ps: I am sorry the wine bottle opener made you feel like an idiot. please know that you are one of many who have initially been bested by it–but eventually it’s worth it. 🙂

  3. Ok, so, it was also my idea to give her some GAS! As I remember, which may be incorrect. BUT!!! The comments to bail… would never happen. How could it? Neither one of us could run! AND BG said you definitely couldn’t, especially after walking 20 miles. 🙂

  4. A) The pickup lines were amazing, and don’t even kid yourself… you LOVED being invited to that sizable party.
    B) I don’t know why you would fail to post the “1” rating pic of our trek, I mean it’s not like it started with a hissy fit followed by 10 minutes of pouting, then another 10 minutes of hitchhiking…
    C) Who is that guy with the pants party? He must work out…

  5. I disagree with the Mike and Ike’s criticism; they are a solid compliment to chocolate-based candies. If I were a kid who found a bowl of Mike and Ike’s, I would rate it a 9.3.

  6. I second Mike’s Mike & Ike comments. In fact i bought a bag of those that were half off at the grocery store the other day, that’s good stuff!

  7. “In fact i bought a bag of those that were half off at the grocery store the other day, that’s good stuff!”

    That’s exactly where I got ’em from, and at that deal

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