President Obama

ELECTION DAY: 9. SO impressed with the local polling location. Not quite sure if it was because of the early voting or what, but I walked in the door and there were 5 people there to greet me. Super friendly too, but I’m pretty sure that’s just cause they were bored and no one was there. Beat my expectation of a long line though…



HOME MADE OBAMA SIGN OUTSIDE MY POLLING LOCATION: 7. I LOVED IT. I pictured some kid sitting at home the night before wanting to do their part so coloring a sign and putting it outside. Not convinced it was the most effective method of campaigning, but it made me smile 🙂


GREG’S GRAPES AT CLIMBING: 6. Pretty sure these are the best climbing snack ever. I’m also pretty sure that Greg would take some serious points off for stickng my chalky hands into his container full of them one too many times… Thanks for being a good sport 🙂


FIRST VISIT TO THE DENTIST IN 2 1/2 YEARS: 8.5. My mom has seriously been bugging me daily for the past two years to finally make a dentist appt. Now that I’m out of the classroom I could actually go, and I’m pretty sure she was secretly hoping I’d have 20 cavities and never miss a dentist appt. again for the rest of my life. Instead they spent the whole visit complimenting the whiteness of my teeth, how clean they were, and of course the lack of cavities. Guess another two and a half years it is then…


MY ATTEMPTS AT THE NEW YELLOW: 3.5. Refusing beta like normal led to some pretty creative attacks at the new corner yellow. Needless to say this is probably about as high as I got.


ELIZABETH DOLE CONCEDING: 8.5. So it seems like this should be a 10 because I’m pretty thrilled she’s out, but I still kinda have a soft spot (a very little soft spot) for her after she visited GCP last year. I can still picture Brandon Scott working his magic on her, and so that did make me a little sad that she wouldn’t be in office anymore. That lasted about 2.5 seconds. And then I got over it and was really excited that we don’t have to listen to her super mean ads on the radio or TV anymore.

LISA’S SUPPORT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: 9. Obama brownies AND blue wine. Perfect for Carrie’s election party after climbing. Plus I love how happy it clearly made her. Minus 1 for not dying her hair blue. Then she really would have been hardcore. Or maybe some face paint at least.


KICKING RICHARD’S BUTT IN A LIGHTSABER FIGHT: 9. No details needed on that one. Minus one for actually getting winded during an iPhone lightsaber match. Oh boy. Not a good sign of my life right now. HOwever the fact that I have the lightsaber app on my iPhone is a GREAT sign of my life 🙂 I was blue and he was red and I dominated. Turned out to be a solid prediction of the rest of the night, so I’d like to think that my superior lightsaber skills may have in some small way contributed to Obama’s victory.

FOX NEWS REPORTING OBAMA’S WIN: 10. You know the race is over when Fox News declares it.


About time. I couldn’t be happier 🙂



  1. Holy Jebus!!! Ok, Obama won. I’m happier that your teeth are clean… but whatever. 🙂 I can’t wait to get back in the climbing gym.

  2. I still need to send you that climbing video, I’ll do that tomorrow.

    claudia, I thought about the blue champagne but the ratio of food coloring to liquid was going to be too high. 😦

    by the way, you also get a 9 for saying “okay, so if we’re not for sure all we have to do it check Fox news–if THEY say he’s president elect we know it’s definitely true! -1 for the fact that I actually had to have fox news on my TV.

    Also, Obama’s landslide? If I were allowed to rate things above a ten, I would. But I’m not, so a ten it is.

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