Struggling to keep up

BLOG UPDATES THIS WEEK: 4.  They existed, which is good, and I got to rate a lot on election day, however the rest of the week was less than impressive.  I’m struggling with the late night updates so flirting with a couple different ideas to ensure daily updates (because while the blog posts were MIA, the ratings were still happening):

1) Updating first thing in the morning when I’m most productive (or does it make more sense to spend that valuable productive energy on something, valuable?)

2) Update one rating at a time, as I think of it, on my iPhone.

3) Stick with the last part of the night deal, knowing that it will no longer happen daily.

4) More frequently invite guest raters.




  1. If you go with idea 4, I’d be glad to volunteer some ratings! My outlook is a little more sinister/mischievous but it would be fun. Especially with my new camera!

  2. I’m torn… because your lack of posting would suggest that you’re doing more fun things. And if you’re doing more fun things, then by golly, I want to know about them!
    So. The dilema: Have you continue doing fun things and not telling the world, or cut back on the fun stuff to achieve more posts yet risk the possibility of less fun posts.
    I choose less frequent posting. 🙂

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